do you believe reincarnation could be possible?

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if you do believe in reincarnation, what convinces you?
or do you think it is a ridiculous concept?

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I believe it’s a ridiculous concept. The Bible says we are born ONCE on this earth and after that is the Rebirth (or accepting Jesus as our Saviour )There is no reincarnation. The soul enters the body one time and no more.


Sure. By the way, What Did You Come Back As???


I do believe in reincarnation. You see, I read a lot of books, not just one. And I make my own decisions based on what feels right for me, not what I was told to feel.
Check out authors like Michael Newton and Brian Weiss.
I believe the entire universe is in a process similar to reincarnation. So why wouldn’t “individual” beings do the same thing?


Well I will give you a non-biblical based answer unlike that goon that answered before me. I think reincarnation could be real because as we know life works in a circle (i.e. spring, summer, fall, winter) and after out life leaves our body where does it go? I think as beings we are too complicated to just not exist after we leave our bodies. I think that our life force could be put into (or reincarnated) into other elements of nature. Though even in nature we will always die, and always be reborn.


Why not? Life is energy. Energy can not be destroyed, it just changes form.
So I am not so bold as to believe I have all the answers. If the spark of life that makes us who we are is energy, how can we not exist in another state?
I don’t know, it’s up to you and your belief system.Who am I to judge you.
Keep on open mind, you never know!


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