Home Discussion Forum Do you believe people put off negative and positive energy?

Do you believe people put off negative and positive energy?

I’m trying to explain to my 15 yr old daughter that a person who is a bad mood puts off a type of energy, letting everyone around here know that something’s going on. But, I can’t figure out how to explain what I’m trying to say.
Let me explain how the discussion came about…when I got home from work today, she was ranting and raving about everything. She was getting ready to go swing dancing and she couldn’t find a brush, her skirt wasn’t drying quick enough, she didn’t have any more ribbon to tie up her hair, she got stuck on a homework problem so it wasn’t finished, etc. When her friend’s mom showed up to pick her up, she left still in the same grumpy mood. An hour later, I got a phone call from my daughter..she and her friend were in a fight about something stupid, and they never fight…best friends for years now.
I tried to explain to her that it was probably her mood, or the energy she was putting off that put them both in the mood to fight.
She now feels like I’m being critical of her, and I’m really not. Does anyone else understand the point that I’m trying to make to my daughter? If so, how is a better way to explain it?


  1. Her mood is putting others off.
    If she would just put a smile on her face and except whats happening everything would be fine.
    Tell her her negitive attitude is driving others away from her.

  2. I do feel that people’s moods give off certain energy because i am particularly susceptible to those vibes people give off. if one of my coworkers is frazzled, i pick up on that and it makes me frazzled too. if someone is really giggly around me it makes me really giggly. i mirror what is around me big time.

  3. definatly if your attitude is bad your put out this negative vibe and other people can really see it and not want to be around you or consider you to be a mean witchy person. it sounds like your daughter had a really bad day which made her vibe a little worse most likely. if she’s constantly like that try to help her to relax. take deep breathes, scream into a pillow, hit the crap out of a ball.

  4. Put it in third person. Instead of telling her that her energy is causing problems, ask her how she feels when she’s around people who are grumpy or depressed all the time. Then ask her to think about how she feels when she’s around people who are happy and having fun.
    Once she gets that concept then explain to her that when she was upset that day, it’s possible her upset was rubbing off on other people. Let her know you’re not saying she did this on purpose but that we all have to be aware of how we show ourselves to the world. Tell her that you go through this sometimes yourself and let her know how you handle it.
    It’s not always easy to be present and aware of how we are affecting other people. If you can get your daughter to understand this concept now and help her be more aware of her energy output, you’ll be doing her a great service. Good luck.

  5. ppl that are in a bad mood don’t shine
    ppl dont want to be around ppl like that
    i am sure you were right about it all
    ask her if she knows someone thats always in a good mood always laughing always with friends around her/him
    your daughter was having a abd day NOW she has to call her friend and say HEY i messed up the other day sorry my mom was being a jerk HEY as a mom you have to take blaim for everything you know that * smiles *
    i am only joking about her saying that but you get the idea
    and ur 100000 % right


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