Home Discussion Forum Do you believe people have auras? Can you sense them?

Do you believe people have auras? Can you sense them?


  1. What people refer to as an aura is actually an electrical field arround the body. It has been tested and proven.
    It has nothing to do with religion or sperituality.

  2. yes.although others cannot see it,they can sense it or even give impressions.negative or black auras may cause you to become irritated or with headache because it is negative.good and healing auras produce balance in the sorroundings.

  3. What are auras?
    They are sense of difference in air particles moving in that location.People can say that they sense a air of evil?THe air is thick in 1 location.
    Well actually Personally i never felt a auras. Its more like
    a gut feeling. Things like when you wonder into a room that is locked for a long time. Of cause the air in there would be stale and old.Thats why when people go it they say they feel something else. THe air particles density would be different for serveral reasons. Firstly due to long time.Air particles will settle to the ground. 2ndly they would be in lvls like oxygen ,hydrogen this is due to the air particles having different densities.
    auras i dont not belief in. Really.
    haha. Take Care.

  4. Auras can be seen physically, or sensed psychically
    An aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding an object. Some people refer to this field as a bio-energy field.
    In truth this energy field not only goes around you, but moves within your body as well. It is not just the outside of your body that is made of electromagnetic energies, every part of your and everything your experience in third dimension.
    Auras vibrate to different color, sound and light frequencies. The color spectrum varies with one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.


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