Do you BELIEVE people have an AURA, and do you FEEL you can DETECT it?





Did you ever feel like you could SENSE good and/or evil in a person?


  1. Yes, I believe so. I cannot see it, but some people I get around, and already can tell if they are good or bad. We often sense that when around evil or good. It is natural, and something we as humans must learn to trust in ourselves.

  2. Yes i do believe certain people an aura about them
    for example Elton John and Joanna lumley there is just something
    about them ,which makes them stand out

  3. Yes, I believe all of the above. But I never try to force what I believe on anyone. And I freely acknowledge when something cannot be proven.

  4. I believe people have an Aura, but I mostly don’t feel it. My cats on the other hand do. When people we know come to our house (our cats never meet them before) our cats react differently. Sometimes they like them right away and go to get “love” or they go in hiding and don’t come out before that person leaves. That happened twice, and both times the person was shady (what we found out later on).

  5. yep. mine’s sort of turquoise blue. i can feel other people’s a bit… gets very weird when in a big crowd sometimes… but no too much because i haven’t learned how to (properly).

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