Do you believe or feel Incubus or Succubus in sleeping nights?

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tell me your experience.

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i have a friend
who comes to me at night
and drains my blood
into a silver bowl


Ive woken to find an old woman sitting on my chest trying to draw my essence out of my mouth and i couldnt move a muscle….many people have.


Incubi and Succubi are sex demons who either operate physically or in dreams. They feed upon the emotions that sex produces.
I have no personal experiences, but ive come upon internet communities that say that they are Incubi/Succubi.


Actually, I think I might be a sort of succubus myself.
I sometimes seem to dreamwalk to people and feed off their energy. This can be in a dream where I bite them like a vampire, have sexual activity with them, stir up emotions of fear or lust in them, or just talk with them. A few weeks ago, a coworker and I dreamt of each other after I tried to dreamwalk to him. Was that just coincidence? Or was it something more? It’s hard to prove, but I believe it’s real.
– Persephone


i know somebody (a close friend) who had experienced this and she told me it was so horrible! it was like being raped by someone you cannot see and can only feel its assault on your body. one night she felt like being held by the shoulders and can actually feel the weight of the entity riding her and having its way on her. she can feel the penetration on her person and can feel it touching her all over her body. it happened a year ago and then they decided to see an expert on this, and the expert said that she was being assaulted by an incubus. they decided to see what the incubus looks like, and the expert got an artist/medium to draw its face. it was so horrible and ugly to look at! my friend’s parents wanted to cast it out of their daughter’s body since the incubus wants to impregnate my friend. but the expert (witch doctor) told them it is not possible if the girl was not a virgin anymore since only the virgins can be impregnated by incubi (plural of incubus). i dont know about my friend if she’s a virgin or not anymore but ever since they went to that witch doctor, the incubus stopped doing its nightly visits in her room.


Yes, I do. There honestly was a time when I was having issues with negative entities in my house and that were possessive over me. I’d often feel intense pressure on my chest while I was sleeping which lasted about 2 months. During that period of time I would feel like something was drawing my energy. I did research on entities and found that it may have in fact been an incubus…It kind of creeps me out to think about it to be honest.


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