Home Discussion Forum Do you believe incubus and succubus really exist?

Do you believe incubus and succubus really exist?

Have you ever had an experience with one, or with what you think was one? If so, tell me your story.
I came across a site recently, where users gave their accounts of such experiences (and there were many). Of course many of these stories could have been completely fabricated, i don’t know what to think. I’m not sure, but i believe i may have had an experience with an incubus.


  1. On the one hand the Incubus/succubus mythics are a way to get titillating sex stories on the web. On the other hand most posters have not researched enough to know the Incubus/succubus is a single creature that shapeshifts sexually.

  2. Can’t say i’ve interacted with one. But i had a very scary dream about a scubbi raping me. TRUST ME NOT PLEASANT. Although I am still searching for a way to summon one I am aware that if i do end up summoning one my life will be on the line. I belive that they exist so that’s all i gotta say. Wanna talk more about this add my myspace/yahoo http://www.sonicyagami@yahoo.com.


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