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Do you believe in Twin Telepathy?

Do you believe in twin telepathy. that like identical twins/fraternal twins has this type of connection thing. I have an identical twin sister and alot of times we think the Exact same thing.
*P.S if someone says i always finish my friends sentence but were not twins..blah…blah…blah.. i know, im not tlking about that


  1. Yeah. I do beleive that. There is scientific proof that it excists.

  2. no. it may be that you just think similarly because you were raised similarly. my sisters, not twins, and myself often say the same thing. or i’ll know what my parents are going to say, before they say it and we say the same thing at the same time.
    it may be that you are just really raised in similar ways.

  3. I have a sister that is six years younger than I am. I had her first baby for her. We had spent the day at my mom’s and on the way home my back felt like it was cracking in half…I called my sister and asked her how she was feeling and told her what happened. She laughed so hard she cried..She said, Bindy, I am not having any pain, I’m great and you are having sympathy for me….Five hours later I was back in Ft. Worth waiting for my nephew to be born….
    P.S. That is not the only time we have…..”clicked”

  4. Im a twin and we’ve tried with cards and stuff usually trying to do it on purpose doesn’t work but sometimes there are freaky coincidences that are accidents


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