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Do you believe in this?

Today while Meditating (*Zen Meditation for the last 2 years) an alien contacted me and gave me a possibility to ask a question. Therefore I asked how space time travel is possible here’s what they responded:
I asked about space travel & was told that it involves only the mind. All you ned is to concentrate(with your eyes open) on a galaxy on planet(while meditating) and it is possible. They were surprised that we had never use this technology. The rule as they said is :
the universe is all connected and our brain & mind have no barrier or time/space issues to travel to the deepest dimensions. It requires concentration , I just did with the moon and it is like I was there myself!!!
Zen Mediation you don’t dream , your eyes are open toward the planet and all you do is concentrate by counting your in&out breaths and suddenly you travel while you are concentrated enough. It is not a dream, it is real! Just try it guys , it works
You stay on earth but only your mind travels. No oxigene needed as you breath on earth.


  1. Prove it.
    Just sketch out something that no one knows about currently but will soon.
    Since we have active space exploration, that shouldn’t be any problem. you poor deluded fool.

  2. did you ever think that “alien” was just you thinking?
    its really surprising what we can do if we actually use our minds to “think” instead of wasting it doing things socially necessary to survive in a global community
    now meditate/think about that

  3. If that’s the case, then then go to the moon and count the number reflecting mirrors there are on the instrument left behind by Apollo 11 and tell us what that number is. Provide some proof which can be verified. Bet you can’t do that.
    Or for that matter, just travel to Las Vegas and let us know how many lightbulbs there are on the second entrance sign to the Excaliber casino. Bet you can’t do that either.

  4. there is a barrier and what makes us feeling human beings can only cross it when we are in no longer
    need of our physical bodies , it is true we are all connected ,,,,what was i talking about?

  5. In eastern meditation you’re supposed to empty your mind not fill it with nonsense. Which is why I practice mid-eastern meditation.


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