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Do you believe in this stuff? Should I? (Psychic Mediums)?

My father’s girlfriend passed away suddenly in November, so we had a medium come and read us to get in touch with her, to see if she had anything to say that she didn’t have a chance to. When she was reading me, she told me that I would eventually end up with a professional football player, who would later open his own business. I thought it was bull, frankly because not one person i knew played football, nevermind on a professional level. And at the time I had a boyfriend, so I didnt want to think of being with anyone else. Long story short, we broke up last week. Sunday night I met my friend’s cousin at the club, who was trying to talk to me the whole night. Driving home, I find out that his cousin goes to college on a football scholarship, and that hes going into the NFL. so we started talking. he said if football doesn’t work out, he’s going to open his own real estate agency, or something like that. i feel like this is surreal. We get along so well and we just automatically clicked, from the first second we started talking.
A few other things the medium told me to look out for was a guardian angel and a shooting star. Funny thing is, Sunday, before the club, we had a family cookout at my house and my grandma gave me a necklace that she had randomly made for me with a guardian angel pendant. Sunday night, driving home from the club… you guessed it.. my best friend and I saw a shooting star.
when she was in touch with my dads girlfriend, she brought up things only she would know. such as her childrens’ names, and birthdays, or that we had a trip to florida planned in may. my grandmother went to her, too, to get in touch with her mother. the lady immediately started speaking armenian, where my grandmother is 100% armenian, and no one else could understand what she said but my grandma started crying. when my friend got into a car accident, she brought up his name, and said he asked how Jackie was doing. no other names, just Jackie. and Jackie was in the car behind him, following him. their names were not in the newspaper because they were both minors at the time, and she brought up the street which houses the park that i used to hang out with him at. i believe she can really talk to these people. i just dont know if i should believe the stuff about my future, because it makes sense that if you want to believe something, you’ll turn everything into something 2 do with it


  1. I don’t believe in it. I can’t say whether you should. I suggest you take a long hard look at it. However, it sounds like you’ve already taken the bait.

  2. Shooting stars are very common – you’ll see about 2 an hour on any given night, and hundreds an hour during a meteor shower. Now that she told you to look for it, you were looking for it. Same with the necklace. If it wasn’t the necklace, it would have been something else that reminded you of angels. The football thing is a coincidence, and not much of one so far – he’s not professional and he hasn’t opened a business. Sure, it might happen, but chances aren’t good. Did you write down anything else she said? They tend to throw out many, many ideas in the hopes that some will stick. And if you didn’t record the reading, you’ll just remember the ones she seemed to have gotten right and forget the many, many others she didn’t. It’s called the confirmation effect – you’re making her reading seem true by remembering what was right and forgetting what was wrong.
    No, I’ve seen no evidence that psychics or mediums are telling the truth. Frankly, if they were, it would be really easy to prove – there are plenty of questions I could ask them about dead friends and relatives that no one but she/he and I would know the answer to. But people just tend to ask for basic things that are easy to make up – like ‘is she happy in heaven’ and ‘what’s my future going to be like’.

  3. No one is forcing you to believe anything that you don’t want to. Personally, I do believe in this. You might think that you’ll be turning meeting the football player, etc. into this, but it could be your destiny. The future changes, but she predicted the most likely path, based on the decisions that you are most likely to make in the situation. It’s very complicated to explain how this works, and I’m trying my best here. If you change your mind, then the timeline changes, and something else will happen. It’s difficult for us to be 100% accurate, because it is difficult for people (on the other side, because she is a medium) to know what decision you’re going to make, but they are telling her what is most likely to happen. If a medium makes an incorrect prediction, it’s not because there is a flaw in their skills, but because the future has changed. This woman probably can speak to people on the other side as well.

  4. It depends on who is telling the story for me to believe it, and what happened in the story. soem things are just tooo far fetched to be real

  5. I can’t tell you whether or not this particular medium was for real, but I do know real mediums, some very gifted people, and I am one, so I do believe in them. I don’t think every person who claims to be one IS one, but I do believe there are people out there who can sense things most people cannot. Honestly, it sounds to me like she might have been for real and the clues are the names and dates she couldn’t have gotten from anywhere else. Other clues is if she described the person (the spirit) she was talking to or that she spoke a language fluently that she doesn’t speak. I’ve watched someone do this before, it is possible.

  6. First of all, lets just get this out up front, all mediums are fake. They use techniques which are really seem quite remarkable if you are getting a reading. It seems like they are coming up with information that they could not possibly know. However, the truth is, there are techniques for getting this kind of information. Some people are a lot better than others, and given practice and training, they can appear to be a very powerful psychic. In fact, they are just using language, reading facial expressions, using odds to make the most probably guesses. One more thing is that you will only remember the details that are correct, and forget the wrong ones. For example, they might make 5 guesses at a name, but when they hit to correct name, the know it, and make it appear to the person being read like its the first guess. The techniques a medium uses are very similar to the techniques that Sherlock Holmes would use. If you have not read or seen any Sherlock Holmes, I recommend getting the Steven Spielberg film “Young Sherlock Holmes.”
    Go to a mentalist show, and you will see all the same kind of techniques used as a psychic. However, most mentalists don’t lie to the audience, or try to trick them out of their money. They use their impressive skills to razzle dazzle the audience. Some reveal how they do stuff, some leave an air of mystery. But you can see the same mind reading techniques as someone who claims to use psychic powers.

  7. Experience on Yahoo!Answers tells me that the seriousness of the predicament is inversely related to the length of the question. People don’t need a mini-autobiography.
    I’m sorry your family’s loss. It sounds like you found a good psychic. What you choose to do with the information you are given is your choice. It’s like someone giving you a match: you can light a fire for cooking, or you can burn down the entire village. If you want the predicted future to happen, work to make it happen; if not, change your mind.

  8. The truth is in the beholder. No one can tell you what to believe, you must have faith, like you would in God. Now no one can prove the existence of God, but does that mean he doesn’t exist? Now I can tell you that God does exist, and so does the ability to communicate with spirits. We are lost sheep just like the bible tells us, who have lost our touch with love and service to others. We are trapped in the bodies of man, but not for very long. Soon many of us will be saved.
    If you wish to know our true history, email me: illadelphiakid@yahoo.com


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