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Do you believe in this statement?

Is this statement true, Do you believe this statement?..
when you and your ex have broken up, and say he moved on faster than you did, Is this because of what he already has gone through in his life? My ex and I aren’t together anymore, not even friends, he changed his number and cut me out of his life, and I know it was my fault and my reasoning that probably made him change it, we’re complete strangers and it’s strange how this can happen, but it’s a part of life and moving on. Please don’t tell me to try to contact him, because I am not. It’s the wiser choice and learned my lesson from before. I already made a fool of myself before, confessing my love to him, being vulnerable, getting rejected and my consequence was him changing his number, losing him for the rest of my life, so that is what I am facing.
We spent an almost 5 years together, on and off, good and bad, and this past year he arleady moved on with a new girlfriend. Prior to my relationship with him ( I was his 2nd love), his first love had cheated on him, and I can remember it so clear from that time, that it took us almost 2 years to officially get together because he wasn’t ready for a girlfriend. Now, I know I was probably a different girl for him than his first love, but I was probably the more jealous, controlling, vulnerable type now that I think of it.
Did he have an easier way of moving on because of me? Like how they say, he probably felt all the pain and hurt through his previous relationship so it made it easier for him to move on from me?
Now I’m the one with my own karma and realizing it takes time to heal. I know he’s at his happiest, because hisgirlfriend doesn’t make the mistakes I did with him. How can I stop being so bitter that he moved on faster than I did?
Let me add, it’s already been 1 year since he moved on with this girlfriend. Him and I shared almost 5 years together, on and off, yet he still moved on after I said I would never talk to him again. It happened very unexpected on my end. I know, I took things for granted, said that because I was so mad and he took it serious and moved on.
After 1 year, knowing him and this girlfriend are so happy together, I’m still healing and coming to my senses that we’re not meant to be.


  1. Your statement as to what has happen in the last 7 years is quite normal when people get involved in a relationship at a to early age. Unless one of the parties stop growing in the mind and follow the others lead then separate trails in life are to happen.
    You are indeed ahead of many since you have realized this quirk of nature and both move on down their separate trails. Many younger folks get married and have children before they are 25. Then when it is realized that it will not work out all holy hell breaks out and much suffering is involved.
    Suggest you to lick your wounds take it as learning experience not get emotionally involved until your mind has grown up i.e. 25-30 years old.

  2. It might be true, or it might not. What is clear is that you are still suffering; and though I, for one, don’t find that surprising for someone that had been in a relationship for five years, I would also suggest that you go get some counseling. What you went through – what you are still going through – sucks. Get some help with it.

  3. Yeah, sort of. He’s already been through a lot of pain by losing the first person he ever loved. So, even though it hurt that you broke up with him and hurt him, he has an easier time dealing with it.
    Honestly? I think you answered yourself here. I don’t know what you did wrong, and I don’t know how bad it was. But, facts are facts, he’s moved on. He moved on faster because he wasn’t the one who made the mistake. He knows that whatever you did was wrong and he shouldn’t feel bad.
    Whatever you say in a relationship with someone, will count for more then what you mean. Never ever say something you don’t mean. Learn to control your anger. It’s hard, but it will ruin a LOT of good relationships with people in general if you can’t learn to watch what you say.
    If you know now you weren’t meant to be, get out there and find someone new. Yeah, it’s hard. It’s going to be hard. Life is hard. That’s all there is too it. But, you can’t just sit around wondering what could be, you have to get out there and do something about it.
    Good luck <3

  4. It doesn’t matter who believes in your statement, better yet it seems like you’re trying to convince yourself of what you think happened, stop being in denial, it’s very clear cut he was not in love with you and had something going on the whole time and just tool you for a ride, plus he was a good liar, hope you learned your lesson and be careful on your next one.

  5. As i see, you are on confusing selfish and end up sit there feeling sorry for yourself.
    As i see you should stop think of him. You should set him free as you set yourself free.
    You should happy that he is happy. Now you should find your happyness
    I will let you know this. If that wasn’t our child i don’t want to have any thing to do with my ex. But than each of us have different case and different situation

  6. sometimes we just have to forgive ourselves for things and move forward
    you have normal issues and feelings
    in time you will find someone who will help easy your pain and guilt but don’t take that into the new friendship/relationship.


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