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Do you believe in the whole telepathy theory between people who know eachother?

I was in another section and someone asked this
Do you believe that the more you think of someone the more they think of you?


  1. No. No matter how much you think about someone, it doesn’t mean they ever even think about you. I’m [learning?] this the hard way.

  2. Not only do I believe in telepathy between lovers, but I believe we all have telepathic ability. I teach a class in how it works.
    There was a pair of lesbian lovers in the 80s who saved each other from a rapist using telepathy. People experience it sometimes as saying the same thing as the same time or having the same dream. Sometimes, they end up at the same place not knowing the other was coming.
    You can actually send thoughts, desires, invitations to your beloved if you know they are always tuned in to you. I have had a lover so tuned in to me that when I thought of her, she would call. It remains so to this day and we are no longer sexual.
    I am attaching some sites for you to check out about relationships and telepathy. I send you love. Sojo

  3. Not really, but me and my twin brother have a telepathy kinda thing…like when i broke my wrist he knew somthing was wrong so he called my nanny to pick me up from the lacrosse field.

  4. No. Though when you’re very close to someone and spend lots of time with them, it feels like you’re practically telepathic sometimes because your emotions & moods sync though body language.


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