Do you believe in the third eye?





I took a chakra test, and my Third Eye was the highest of all other chakras (50%). So I tried opening it, and I felt like I left my body! Have you had any Third Eye experiences?
If psychic powers are real/related to the third eye, how do I strengthen the psychic powers?


  1. I am clueless about what you mean by a chakra test or that your third eye was higher than the other chakras–but there is a lot of New Age stuff out there that has its own “chakra cult” going on. When people talk about “opening” or “spinning” their chakras, this is alot of pseudospiritual hysteria, but if it is fascinating and you get something out of it, that’s great.
    In eastern Tantric yogic-type systems where all this originated, the “third eye” or “ajna chakra” is one of 7 or so major energy vortexes in the etheric body. The idea is that the macrocosm (the Divine mystery of existence) is reflected in the microcosm (the human body). A similar concept appears in alchemy and in Kabala.
    These mystical systems believe that the world is created through a series of emanations that build on each other and become denser until phenomenological existence (that is the physical world and all the senses and sense objects) come into the existence. The chakras in the body reflect these planes (levels of emanation–or evolution). In chakra meditation, the practitioner mentally and energetically rises or descends through the planes and also experiences different levels of consciousness through the practice. Chakra meditation also has to do with “waking” latent psychodynamic energy, which is sometimes called “kundalini” or the “inner fire” (I think the Christian version is the “holy spirit” but Christians hate when I draw this parallel). These practices should not be dabbled with lightly or for thrill seeking. You need to be in the right mind, you need to be ready, and you need guidance otherwise strange neurophysiologic and neuropsychiatric problems can occur.
    The third eye is said to the be seat of consciousness. It is the goal of yoga to “open” the third eye by harnessing otherwise latent and chaotic psychodynamic energy so that one is in control of one’s mind and senses rather than vice versa, which is the usual norm. You need to do chakra work or other spiritual practices in a defined and systematic way to accomplish this.
    Yes, I have spent years doing various practices related to the chakras and have had “experiences.” The experiences are secondary to the purpose of practice.
    Sometimes people have out of body experiences –or are trained to have OBEs–by focussing on a chakra site and imagining themselves ejecting.

  2. Do you believe God?????
    third eye or sixth sense is a gift from God…..
    I hope, use your third eyes carefully………
    when u feel u left your body, actually u are really2 left your body….
    Your soul has separated from your body if u feel u left your body….
    Your Body is the body without the owner when u left it, n anything can replace your position such as Satan, ghost, or desperate soul…..
    You can lost somewhere n u cannot come back to your body cause your body has filled by another soul……….
    Maybe the third eye is some pleasure for you cause u can see another people activity without visit (in “Real Dimension or Real Live”) them
    But, Please Believe me, don’t try to do it…………
    Please don’t try the third eye if u don’t have any faith in your heart and soul……..
    it will only make u lost……………………………..
    This suggestion is based from my experience, i won’t try third eye anymore cause i have lost somewhere when i tried to went to Mecca to pray there (I’m Moslem) with my soul, but fortunately my “Teacher” found me and help me to comeback to my body…………..
    Don’t blame me if anything will happen to you if you try to do it……………………. I have remained you………………..
    I’m sorry if any mistake according to what I’ve said

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