Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in the presence of Akashic records?

Do you believe in the presence of Akashic records?


  1. Since your Q didn’t fly with general R&S Q&A folks, I will field it. The word akasha means “space” in Sanskrit and refers to the space in which things come into manifestation and the potentiality of Being in space. The Akashic Record is an idea that I think sprung up with the New Thought movement in the Victorian Era. Its modern equivalent or continuation is the New Age Movement. The Akashic Record supposedly is a storehouse of information in the etheric plane. The Etheric plane is the dimension of dream, subconscious, thought and emotion, equated with the Cabalist sefira Yesod and the second chakra of Hindu lore (svadisthana) and also the 2nd of the 3 worlds often mentioned in Hindu philosophy (ie, waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep)
    I do not believe in the existence of an Akashic Record per se (as thought of by New Agers, etc.). I do have a “belief” in Universal Consciousness as conceived by the early Greek philosophers and Hindu seers (and perhaps Jung for that matter). I believe that Consciousness is not localized in a person’s mind but is something that persons live in and draw from. Also, there is the idea that something can not come out of nothing so that everything that exists–every thought, every invention–exists already in some form in Universal Consciousneess and is then apprehended or recognized by the the personal mind when circumstances allow the personal mind to do so.


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