Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in the predicting ability of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce?

Do you believe in the predicting ability of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce?

With the thousands of accurate predictions between these two men, it is quite difficult to believe that their abilities to predict the future were impossible. What are your beliefs on the predictions of these men, and the idea of being able to predict the future in general?


  1. There have not been “thousands of accurate predictions between these two men”. They combined for thousands of predictions, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find ten predictions that were accurate between the two men. Nostradamus’s writings are insanely vague and have only been applied to events after they occur. The purpose of a prediction is to predict an event BEFORE it happens.

  2. To be true, alot of the things they have said has came true, so why wouldnt the things they said would happen in the near futer come true. But people been saying things like the world is going to end and it never has so you also have to think about that. My beliefs on the the subject is theres a good chance it may happen but there is also a good chance it wont happen, all we can do it pray he predictions are not true.

  3. They’ve predictably spread more generalized B.S. to more gullible audiences than the “news” people do. They’re just annoyances to me, whenever I find their names cross my path. God, as in Jesus our Christ, be with you always.

  4. Not Really.
    I think of it like this, At the moment they foretold the future they were right but, The information they spread changed the future. It’s like Any movie or story about time travel. the Hero comes back to fix things for the future, by his being there in the past he changes it. I mean to say that the information is from the future and by us knowing it changes it.


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