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Do you believe in telepathy?If so then how can you explain it?Have any other unexplained experiences?

I have experienced telepathy a couple of times with my husband.No,i didnt just automatically know what he was thinking.I heard his thoughts as if in words.I told him what he said and he about freaked on me.
O.k. Let me rephrase this.Im not saying im psychic or that anyone else is.Just coincidental stuff.


  1. YES I DO!!!!!
    and furthermore that is how I feel..I am sure you got that for I sent it to you over the telepathic airwaves….

  2. yes! I totally do! my mom has those “psychic” abilities. She asks me think of a number between 1-100 and let’s say i pick 57 and it doesnt even take a second, and she tells me the number that i’ve chosen. But let’s say i think of 82 and a second later i change my mind and think of 63, she will say 82. She says that it’s the first thought that matters. I TOTALLY believe!!!!!!!

  3. Thats pretty much how it happened. There is a range of ability, from once or twice a life time, so someone being able to do it at will with concentration. However it usually happens with those that you are close to and spend a lot of time with. Usually because you are close and on the same ‘wave length’
    Everything is made of energy, thoughts are made of energy and waves. Much like the radio when we spend enough time with someone we become attuned to the same frequency of sorts and can pick up others thoughs, ideas and emotions.
    I do it often with my best friend Cameron. There have been times we have been together and realized we’ve exchanged words without even speaking. I can do the same with my boyfriend only not as often because it weirds him out.

  4. There is nothing mysterious about telepathy, it is the most basic form of communication there is. It is a native ability that we all potentially have.
    Some people, like the aboriginal tribes in Austrailia for example, use it all the time, and consider that everyone else does too.
    It’s just that today, in our lives, there is usually too much internal and external noise and a general individuation from one another, that has undermined and deteriorated this ability.
    Personally I have rehabilitated this ability for myself. But I had to get rid of the internal noise first and then increase my affinity and understanding of others.
    For a good place to start I recommend reading the book “Dianetics
    The Modern Science of Mental Health” by L.Ron Hubbard.

  5. I agree with “thetaalways”. I too have had experiences with telepathy. I do know that it occurs when the sender is VERY alert and usually in a ‘communicative’ mood even though they might not be talking much. The receiver would be the opposite; VERY relaxed but also ALERT…sort of feeling ‘spacey’ if that makes sense to you. That is the OPTIMAL condition for two CONNECTED people to communicate telepathically.


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