Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in Telepathy? What am I thinking right now?

Do you believe in Telepathy? What am I thinking right now?


  1. i believe in it, i didnt say im telepathic. therefore, i cant tell what your thinking. and besides, from when you wrote that question until now, when im answering, your mind would have thought of many many different things. so honestly, its kind of impossible.

  2. Well, what’s the matter, then?” Tom could not stand much beating about the bush.
    “Why, don’t ye know they’ve give notice?” she said in astonishment; then, as a misgiving entered her mind
    but a flash from his eyes reassured her.
    “You have become to me almost my judge
    Besides, to whom could I appeal? Such cruel things can be confided to none but God or to one who seems to us very near
    This have I just found out, the ghost of my father’s sister but now came to me and told me

  3. Eh, no I just think “telephonist” are just people who can just read your facial expressions and make something out of it. Such as a bit of a frown, etc. idk are you thinking of a green sweater? :). Cha ha! idk.

  4. …you’re thinking of what’s going on in my pants right now… the “throbbing” bulbous headed “guided mussel” that is just wiggling to be free and anointing you with all it’s “happy pudding” !

  5. Somewhat…
    You’re thinking that the weather in England bites… and that you’d rather be in the warm sunshine eating BBQ at Bookworm’s party !! The “swimming hole” awaits !


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