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Do you believe in telepathy or is it mearly coincidence?


  1. I’m not sure really.
    I have had some quite spooky moments with my sister when we have been in different cities but bought exactly the same things on the same day and often at the same time.
    Is that telepathy? Or do we just happen to think alike but independently? I am undecided.
    My sister has twins who, even as small children, seemed to know what the other was thinking all the time. They do say that twins have a special sort of connection to one another but is that the same as telepathy?
    Many times I have picked up my phone to call my partner just as he has rung me, or the other way round. It would be nice to think that we have a special sort of connection but it could be just coincidence.

  2. yea i do believe in it. reason being. the government has suppressed the truth. not only can you find research that has been done in the telepathy field as far back as world war 2, Tesla believed in it, Einstein theorized, that the average human being only uses approx only 3 to 10% of there mental capabilities. which leaves a high margin. (90%) of our brain which has been un explored or mapped. which leaves an extremely high probability of mental telepathy, esp, and other mental abilities, which we have not yet begun to explore.

  3. I believe what I perceive from my senses. I also believe what has been researched, and what we’ve seen thus far in psychology is: telepathy doesn’t exist (currently at least).
    The human brain just doesn’t have any structures that can amplify thought to the point where it could be received by another human being. Technology could be implemented in the next 50 years to create a type of telepathy, but for now, we’re stuck talking.
    Any current belief in telepathy is mere coincidance. Sucks I know. But don’t get bummed out. The brain does so many amazing things as is.

  4. i watch srk movie in cinema every time it comes but once i skipped it and at the end day of its show my friend turned upto me giving me a party and he was taking me to watch same movie .And there are many such incidents , what is this?

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