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Do you believe in Telepathy like I do?


  1. I’m not sure whether I have actual telepathy, or if I am good at reading the body language and voice tone of people. I have had wordless conversations with people that had no basis in earlier spoken conversations, but I don’t know if that is an ESP or simply two smart, observant people communicating without words or gestures. Whichever it is, it is definitely possible (at least sometimes) to tell the thing that is in the front of someone’s mind, and it seems possible to put something in the front of your own mind for someone else to read. That said, I’ve only met five other people who I could communicate in this way with. It didn’t feel like enough of a miracle for us to stay in touch.

  2. Telepathy is an untapped reality, well somewhat, untapped.
    It is almost easy to see ones mind, you can start by looking through the window, which is ones eyes…

  3. Absolutely!!! I’ve had a telepathic relationship with someone for many years. It wasn’t until recently, that I realized that some of my dreams and sensations (yes, sometimes I can feel his pain) were the other persons.
    Its not always a pleasant experience!!!!

  4. I’ve seen what might have been telepathy happen once, and the person attempting it got so freaked out that he never tried again. I think that only males can do it, if it is possible, like its some sex linked trait like color blindness and baldness or something. Oh wait, thats telekenesis. Um, I believe In the Telephone, Empathy, unconsciously recognizing visual cues that reveal a persons emotional thoughts. I don’t believe that if I envision a bag of money with a dollar sign on it like in the cartoons, that you could intercept that vision. But yeah, i think its easy to tell what people ae thinking within a certain context. like um, this is a joke, right?

  5. I believe that it can be done, and also telekinesis, we humans only use 10% of our brain, imagine what we could do if we used 100%

  6. He said he believed in it, not that he had it. I totally believe in it, even though I don’t consciously have it. I’ve often thought of someone a couple of minutes before they’ve called me on the phone, but I’ve never exchanged thoughts with anyone in my conscious memory.

  7. Until there’s verifiable and replicated proof, its just fanciful thinking. That’s not to say there’s some truth behind it, but for now, with our available evidence, it must be relegated to the realm of science fiction.


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