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Do you believe in Telepathy ? If yes then can I contact my friend who lives far far away with this means ?

I dont have her phone number and she has breaked the friendship but still I am missing her. Ok i only want her to convey that I am sorry and will she be able to get that feeling thru telepathy ???


  1. Yes, i do believe in telepathy and i think that if you try hard you be able to contact you friend. Till then i recommend a telephone….

  2. You should find a light colored wall, or a screen or something like that and sit right across. Then start thinking about your friend. As hard as you can…. Then ask yourself why you did not get her number if you cared that much about her, and continue thinking about this question until you fall asleep. You won’t contact her telpathically, but next time you have a friend you will remember to get her number.

  3. As far as history goes, anything that cannot be proven “mathematically” does not exist…..(or we blame God).
    I personally believe that some form of telepathy exists. The recorded cases go beyond the mathematical scope of pure coincidence. But we (and you and your girlfriend) cannot control it to happen “on demand”, maybe simply because we don’t know how and why it works in the first place. It just happens unexpectedly….


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