Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in telepathy between twins?

Do you believe in telepathy between twins?

If so,have you ever known any twins to base this on?


  1. yeah, my dad had a twin that lived hundreds of miles a way, always knew when he was calling or if he was sad or hurt. kinda cool

  2. Nope….I don’t really think its true.
    Although I have a twin brother, and sometimes when my brother is thinking of something I say it out loud….and that’s kind of weird, and we sometimes think of the same memories at the same time…..but other than that I don’t believe there is such a thing as twin telepathy.

  3. i believe in that between any kind of siblings. like one night i had a dream that i was standing on the road and saw a car drive off the road becuz they were driving too fast on the road. the next morning for no apparent reason, i had aches and pains all over. then i found out my brother got in a car accident the night i had my dream. he was fine. but it was still scary

  4. umm…yeah maybe a little bit
    I’m a twin and we’re at different colleges and I told her I was going to watch “Step Up” and she’s like are you serious? and I was like yeah why…and she said she was just about to watch it too!!! Also I said I had a headache and she said she had one too!!…we’re fraternal twins 🙂

  5. I have identical twin daughters and they really do think alike and are on the same page in everything but do not consider themselved “telepathic”. Totally tuned into each other, yes.

  6. yes i have 9 year old identical twin girls and one was up in the night. …I asked Megan why are you shivering, It was a warm balmy night, she said Georgia is cold. How can you know i said she is asleep. But she is cold…..
    The next morning Georgia said I was dreaming about the snow last night and i was lost and so cold…..
    I gave them both a 100 page colouring book and they both opened the books at random to the exact same page and began colouring in the same picture without noticing which page or picture the other had chosen…..

  7. I think it may be possible. There is a theory that the brain functions as a quantum computer. If that turns out to be true then the phenomenon of twin telepathy might simply be related to conservation of spin.


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