Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in telepathy between 2 ppl?

Do you believe in telepathy between 2 ppl?

like ok he feels something and she feels something..but you just don’t talk about it, but both of you feel the love or wtvr…idk does that sound crazy?!???


  1. Not really. My husband is always telling me to get out of his head. I don’t know if it’s telepathy but I know we have a very close bond and we agree on so many things.

  2. its called connections. when u atomatically feel something between u and them. and u cant explain it. u both just…..know.
    and then, after u awake from the fantasy
    u find urself giving off an akward smile
    and u both turn around and blush
    good luck
    i hope u turn out happy

  3. yes, telepathy is true between people who r by the past, or suppose to be together, so anything u feel or think the other person will feel it in their heart,

  4. Saying that Humans are extremely social mammals would be a tremendous understatement.
    There are many studies showing that connections, not just the idea of telepathy, but something less obvious that form between two people sometimes.
    Take for example, in groups women who spend alot of time together often find that their menstruation cycles will shift to the same times of the month as the other women. Such is the case with women living together or in the same work environment.
    It is a very odd phenomenon and i don’t believe i have heard of an actual explanation for it.

  5. Wife and I read eachother all the time. At first it seemed freaky but now it just seems like a normal way of life.

  6. i wouldn’t consider that telepathy, maybe intuition on both parties. if there is a strong emotion in the air, love, hate, or that crazy energy at a sports rally, etc – then yeah, that you can feel. it’s the sort of zest you feel from one of those morning people.
    telepathy is where one person thinks of something and then the other thinks about it. but the only real way to test it is to use a scientific method.

  7. My twin sister and I do, I think all twins do. Not like phsical pain, kids on the playground used to take us to opposite sides and then pinch us to see if the other would feel it. Sometimes I will get a song stuck in my head and she will start singing it out loud.


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