Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in telekinesis and telepathy......?

Do you believe in telekinesis and telepathy……?

Telepathy is the act of reading thoughts of other and Telekinesis, or Psychokinesis, is the act of moving things with your mind. So do you believe in these things?


  1. Yea, it happened to people. Go to youtube and type ” psi-wheel” you’ll be amazed! People spin the wheel without even touching it, you can try it at home, see what they are doing and simple materials. I tried it and it happened.

  2. Telepathy yes, i have seen it done. My two cousins . I would say something in one of there ears and then he would like send the letter to him in his mind. like if it was the word ” house” he would tell me that he would send letter the him one by one or even the whole world and then my other cousin that was across the room and was being covered by a blanket or something would would say it out loud it was freaky i even told him names of people they didn’t know and they still got it, it was crazy.

  3. Yes telepathy is true, but telekinesis ahmmmm… maybe, it can be done but you need to use 30% of your brain.. but as for now most/all people use only 5% of our brain.. so it can not be

  4. Yes, I do, and there is logic to back it up.
    All matter produces vibrations, including thought waves. By harnessing this power, people are able to move objects. It takes a LOOOONG time to master.
    Telepathy is more common, and easier to get the hang of.


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