Do you believe in subconscious mind?

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Napoleon hill and other philosophers talk about it a lot. Do you believe it this.

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When you walk through a room, you may not realize it, but you automatically notice that the walls are a dark shade of red, with white trim and black leaf designs on the lower half of the wall. – This is an example of subconscious mind. these things that you do not pay forward attention to that you still notice in the back of your mind.
This is just one of many examples of subconscious mind. I hope it was helpful to you 🙂


it’s not really a matter of believing in it or not, there IS a subconscious mind, and everyone has one. when you’re walking with a friend through a food court, you automatically step over or around a spilled drink, you avoid walking into tables and people, and you notice all the smells and hear all the sounds. you don’t however, say, “ok, i’m stepping over this mess, walking around this table, and avoiding running into this person. now i’m smelling that chinese food, and listening to that baby cry.” a lot of times you won’t even realize you did or noticed any of those things until your friend says, “wow that baby was really loud.” and you agree. because your friend said something about it, you were able to sort the subconscious information and bring it to the surface as a recognized stimulus. if your friend hadn’t said anything, you probably would have just forgotten about it.
see? that’s the subconscious mind; it’s constantly working and recognizing and reacting to things, but your conscious mind can only register one thing at a time. i hope that helped.



Killer Q

Many psychologists (such as Freud and Pierre Janet, and many others) talk about the subconscious, or unconscious mind. It refers to the information kept “below” (or “sub” – latin for “underneath”) our conscious levels of thought and perception. I’m sorry, but the person who answered before me is quite wrong. Your subconscious has nothing to do with you noticing the details of a room upon walking into it – You could be completely conscious of those details, and that is a subject of memory, not subconsciousness.
What is a subject of subconsciousness is dreams, which Freud argued represented the logic of the subconscious mind. Just because you are unaware that your mind is making a decision doesn;t mean that it;s not, and not without your conscious influence. Freud actually distinguished two concepts of unconscious mind behavior – the descriptive and dynamic unconscious. The descriptive is all the features of mental life of which we are not subjectively aware. The dynamic unconscious are mental proccesses and contents that are defensively removed (such as when people suffer PTSD or have repressed memories of a tramautic event. It happened, but their mind blocks it out and keeps them from remembering it on a conscious level. However, they are still greatly effected by it.)
Anyway, now that my rant is over…yes, I do believe in the subconscious mind because it’s been scientifically studied by psychologists (who are considered scientists) for years and years…


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