Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in spiritual warfare in preference to weaponry and hate?

Do you believe in spiritual warfare in preference to weaponry and hate?

In the First world war both Germans and the allied forces claimed to have been awestruck by angelic intervention destroying the front line attack.
In the second WW2 Britain held a day of Prayer for Dunkirk Soldiers resulting in blanket fog to enable escape and turn the war around in favour of the allies.
Today nobody calls for a Day of Prayer for our backslidden Nation. Why not?
The question is against the background of total failure of material solutions , specially political and economic folly but also with the unprecedented breakdown of relationships in marriage and childcare and public health .
Spiritual warfare is nothing to do with hating people it is hating evil in all its forms.” We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against unseen powers in high places.”
As for Nazi psychic power in the war effort, yes of course but why then should it seek to disarm and confuse both sides as in the example?


  1. I’m assuming you’re british
    during ww2 you were a homogeneous society that was predominately christian the same is not true today.
    plus there’s no god anyway

  2. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that really struck me.
    It said, God wants to see spiritual fruits, not religious nuts.
    That pretty much says it all.
    Love ad blessings Don

  3. Warfare in any form is abhorrent and dreadfully uncivilised.
    What does `backslidden` mean by the way ?
    It sounds like an Irish village.

  4. Because talking to a non-existant monster in the sky is a waste of time!
    And quoting long-debunked anecdotes won’t make any difference to the reality!

  5. Because the governments decided they wanted real weaponry not a mythical belief to fight wars , I guess the belief thing just isnt killing enough enemies . The way to win wars is to “kill” as many enemies as possible not “think” they are dead

  6. Heh
    Fighter pilots also witnessed Alien invaders who showed them how to get home when lost…
    Just because people choose to believe in something doesn’t mean it actually happened.
    Backslidden nation….thats rich…
    You mean backslidden from the wild west days when we were shooting eachother over land and killing indians for expansion, or backslidden from the days of the civil war where we were killing each other for slavery or the days of the revolution where we were killing each other for land….
    The US is actually morally far superior to the days of the past, we are actually more peaceful than in the days of our fledgling creation.

  7. “Do you believe in spiritual warfare in preference to weaponry and hate?”
    Unfortunately they do seem to go together.
    If Gods were really interested in peace, as claimed, there would be no warfare either way, now would there?
    So either Gods are not real or this stuff about angelic intervention and battlefield miracles is just hogwash.

  8. You say prayer, yet it’s well known that the Germans and the UK were using psychics as a means to combat each other. Then you go onto call the UK backsliders? That’s what I call enlightened. They have now come to the point where they have seen what religion has done, and more power to them for doing so.

  9. a garbled troubled and troublesome question this, basically if you substitute love and tolerance for hatred and bigotry the war ends but the arms manufacturers and defence and attack forces would not need to be so huge, ship builders and plane and sub makers become obsolete when it came to warfare and so on plus the governments would lose out on taxes as well so the war goes on in the hearts and minds cleverly managed and even controlled by those factions who benefit most from the suffering inflicted across the board.


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