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Do you believe in spiritual awakening..?

during 2012 to me i do, but im also confused bc so many people say nothings going to happen… and others say we’ll become more intouch w/ our soul ect. i just don,t know what to believe … i just want the truth = /
list your sun/moon sign
im virgo/cap.


  1. I do think anyone can have a spiritual awakening, without a dubious prophesy. You can look deeply into your chart and study the north node and its meaning and how the rest of the chart revolves around it and if the bigger picture reveals itself to you, you will have a spiritual awakening. There is no time limit or set time for that to happen. If you want to know cosmic truths, and you seek them out, they will come to you when you are ready.

  2. Spiritual awakening means that a spark inside each of us, which spark is sleeping at the moment, and which spark can connect us to spiritual reality wakes up in a person and as a result that person starts asking questions about the meaning or purpose of life.
    And the person starts to understand that this purpose is beyond our usual material, physical pleasure chasing life.
    So a search starts for any method, teaching which can answers the ever growing questions about the meaning of it all.
    This awakening can happen any moment, in many people has already happened, the date, or place has absolutely no significance, but it might happen in 2012 for you who knows.
    Most important thing is to recognize this moment, and use it to find the path that leads to our purpose at the end, within this lifetime.
    I hope it helps, all the best.


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