Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in remote psychic attacks and psychic self defense?

Do you believe in remote psychic attacks and psychic self defense?

Any tips?
you know, to be honest michelle, etc there really is no reason to be snotty. It was a simple question, move on. If you disbelieve just say so, no need to get uppity about it. maybe you’re scared or something, I don’t understand why people get so defensive about this stuff.


  1. Of course not.
    Nor do I believe in fairies or dragons.
    The power of a “psychic attack” is entirely dependent on the victim’s willingness to believe such a thing exists. When you choose to embrace reality (that psychic attacks do not exist), the “psychic attack” has no more power over you.
    ~Dr. B.~

  2. No, there is no mechanism by which the brain is capable of projecting energy a significant distance in order to produce such attacks. There are no areas of the brain set aside for such complex actions as attack/defense (contrary to popular belief we use 100% of the brain and we are roughly sure of what all the brain does – as in we know what it does, not precisely how, or which bit does which task…). You brain does not work by mass action. There would be a set area for this as there is for every other type of behavour we demonstrate (i.e. the motor strip, the sensory strip, sight, hearing, speaking, rocognising faces, recognising places, navigation, etc… all specific areas). This has also not been demonstrated in laboratory conditions
    What has been demonstrated is the victems willingness to believe and strength of belief as a factor of effect of the “attack”. So be more cynical, would be my advice.

  3. There are NO – pay attention – NO psychic phenomenon. Every psychic, fortuneteller and the like have been debunked and they are frauds. There’s a million dollars held in trust by the James Randi Foundation for anyone, anywhere that can show genuine evidence of psychic phenomenon. Why on earth would anyone ever even wonder to begin with? If it weren’t for the media, this notion, along with notions like angels and ghosts would have long been buried beneath the veil of science.


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