Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in reincarnation or afterlife?

Do you believe in reincarnation or afterlife?

Are we going to end up in nothingness after death?


  1. I believe in an afterlife because I’ve seen a ghost with my own eyes and experienced astral projection. I feel that we each have been gifted with a soul, and the soul is capable of existing without the body.

  2. Some will wish for nothingness because death is not an ending! As for reincarnation and the afterlife, they are two different things. I don’t believe in reincarnation for who would want to return to live this life over? As a Christian the afterlife can be beautiful or a living Hell.

  3. The soul continues. Reincarnation is an element of spiritually one must learn to overcome. Put a stop to the cycle and move on.

  4. well,if after i die my body is eaten by insects i guess i will be reincarnated into those bugs.
    As for the afterlife i promise to send you a postcard if i ever get there hmm?

  5. I have no reason to believe that there is reincarnation or an afterlife, there is just no evidence. There is no evidence that there is a monster under my bed either, so I don’t think there is just because people told me there is when I was a child.


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