Do you believe in reincarnation after death?

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Why or why not?
Do you know about regressive memory, or when you are somewheres and you feel that you have been in that place before, but you know it wasn’t on this life? Can you control where you will be born again? Is there something I can do to remember my past?

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Mr McKenzie

The whole reincarnation idea is just really difficult to believe because more people are being born all the time and the world’s population is growing. But if souls just die and come back, where are all the extra souls coming from? New ones? And are no souls being enlightened and going to Nirvana? It just doesn’t make sense. It also ignores what’s essential to people, what makes them who they are. For instance, if you say, “Bob is no the other room, and he has lost five pounds,” people might say, “Good for him.” What if you said, “Bob is in the other room and guess what? He’s a grasshopper.” Most people would say, “That can’t be Bob, because if there’s one thing I know about him, it’s that he’s human. He’s not a grasshopper.” Well, reincarnation says that I could come back as a grasshopper. But if that’s true, I wouldn’t be Bob anymore. I would be a grasshopper. My humanness is an essential part of who I am. Another reason I don’t believe in reincarnation is that the evidence for it, things like memories of past lives, can be explained by other means: Psychological explanations, or lucky guesses, or even demonic influence. Lastly, if I become a reincarnated snail, how do I retrieve a human form? By being a good snail?


I used to be a moose


No, you’re only born once.Reincarnation doesn’t make sense to me.The thing you’re talking about is deja vu and it has nothing to do with reincarnation.

Victor G

I don’t, but I wouldn’t care if it exists. I can’t remember if I had a past life, and I would imagine that once I die and if I am born again then I wouldn’t remember again.
Personally, I sort of want to believe in something different than reincarnation because it would suck to get born into this world again. I don’t like christian heaven either, I sorta dig Valhalla, but I’ll believe in what I want.

Danielle Susskind

I’m a Reincarnationist. I was born with memories of a past life I and talked about them all the time when I was a child. There are good books on the subject of how to delve into past lives by means such as focused meditation, self hypnosis and dream suggestion and analysis. Just stay away from the lunatic fringe element, e.g. self-proclaimed psychics who will gladly take your money and tell you you were a princess in Atlantis or that you walked with Jesus. You are the only one who really knows your personal history, and you *do* know it: you have subconscious memories you probably sensed as a child but likely forgot as you grew older.
Primitive religions that teach reincarnation have a lot of ancient superstition mixed in with their dogma based on some vengeful element or deity that dictates your lives and administers punishment when you’re bad, such as turning you into an insect or a cow next time aorund… Nonsense! Reincarnation is all about FREE WILL … your free will and everybody else’s, and how you interact with others. That’s the idea of rebirth: you progress spiritually through your own choices. Many of the obstacles you face in life are challenges that you put there yourself, to strengthen your spirit, to learn something you want to know. Life is a wonderful, eternal adventure.
Yes, you control where you will be reborn. You control everything that’s within your power to control. But keep in mind that the person you think of as “I” is only a part of who you really are. When you are between lives, you can see eternity is both directions and have full recall of your lives on Earth (and elsewhere). The choices you make from that perspective may be different than the choices you’d make now.


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