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Do you believe in real Faerietale creatures?

Goblins, faeries, witches, etc and the such.

I took pictures in a graveyard when I was 16 and when reviewing the pictures I noticed that in the ones that had this one very large bush in them, there were little bright lights all over the place. Note it was night time when I took these pictures. I zoomed into each individual light as each one was in the silhouette of a human, with legs, arms, head, though a pair of wings was included. Each object was made entirely of light and I saw no features of eyes or anything. But there were loads of them as I showed the pictures to a few friends of mine which made them believers as well. Being when I was 16 and i’m 20 now, the computer I had these pictures on is long gone and fried.

As far as goblins etc, I was close to Astral Projecting [out of body experience] my eyes were open and I was slightly experiencing some sleep paralysis. All around the room I was in I could see little Goblins running from behind objects to another object. Or popping up next to my bed and quickly popping back down. They weren’t one of those glimpse ordeals. I could easily watch them run around my room and listen to them giggle and laugh. They seemed to’ve disapeared when they went behind objects in my room and some after disapearing would come back from another corner of my room etc.

I also used to have the most horific Witch dreams when I was younger.

What’s your opinion?


  • I believe that anything is possable. I know there are things out there that we can’t explain I just don’t know what all is really there that can’t be explaind away. But its always good to believe in something.

  • First clearing up.he didn’t write faeries in correctly,it has different spellings like faery, faerie, fay, fae; euphemistically wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk.
    Second i don’t believe any one has the right tools to tell you or ridicule what you believe you saw,or if you really saw it.
    I had a sister (older) that wouldn’t sleep in her room,because she always would see what she described as an evil peter pan like thing.She was 15 when she saw that thing.My father thought she was crazy,my mother coming from a different background just told her to face it.truly it never bothered her i guess after that,but we have sat down between sisters and we all have had weird experiences,so all i can say to you is,maybe there are things out there we don’t know and the more we look for logical explanation the less will find them.
    So if you ever see them again i guess good for you,maybe they are there to protect you.

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