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Do you believe in psychics/mediums and the like? What religion or lack of do you follow?

I’d like to know…
#1. Do you believe in or believe that people have the ability or power to be psychics or mediums?
#2. If you do or don’t believe in the above – what is your religion or lack of religion?


  1. Yes they are true there are people that can be psychics and mediums and i am catholic. religion does not have anything to do with it. Most psychics are catholic.

  2. 1. I believe people can be really good at knowing others, knowing what strings to pull and that it would be very difficult to determine if there exists one that is for real.
    2. Roman Catholic

  3. Psychics or mediums don’t have any more power than anyone here. They just get their information from demons. We could too if we chose to. I prefer relying on the word of God instead. It’s 100% accurate. Demons are not!

  4. I used to be an intuitive empath, meaning if someone was feeling grief or saddness, so would i for no reason

  5. I think that everyone has a minor amount of ESP. We can all feel people watching us for example. But I think that psychics read people through their eyes, expressions, mannerisms and tone of voices. It is not ESP but sensitive insight.
    I lack religion but have faith in our soul which is the thing that psychics are good at perceiving.

  6. I totally believe the human mind had much greater power than we have ever dreamed! Buddhists even talk of our minds being the creator of the universe and quantum physics seems to even back it up!

  7. I do not believe in them, they talk to the devil and familiar spirits to get inside information to control and manipulate people into losing their soul’s to unbelief in God! God want’s people to come to him with their questions not mediums/psychics.
    Thank you Jesus

  8. I’m LaVeyan, & I believe in mediums. I’m sensitive, I hate it, & hated it for years lol but there’s not much I could do about it, besides not standing to close to depressed, miserable, or angry people in line at stores. Touch anything a stranger recently put down or go on a busy bus (ugh), I’m rambling.
    I believe in it, sure, obviously lol.

  9. I believe in all religion under the sun including the sun God in Africa & South America. Every religion has its origin and its purposes and what we need is to believe in knowing it well.
    The psychic/medium are most common in tribe groups in S America, Africa, Asia……..witchdoctor is also known in Western America, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietman and the pacific islands. It is believe to believe and no more.

  10. Hello
    As a psychic I lean towards Buddhism myself, but spirit are spirit the under current to all religion made by mankind.


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