Do you believe in psychic vampires? Have you ever been attacked by one?





Did you notice anything different after the attack happened?
What did you do to protect yourself?
I hear talismans work.
For those who DON’T believe. Trust me, they exist
and not all of them are evil.
They don’t drink blood, they feed on your
lifeforce. Draining you of your energy.


  1. Psi vampires are very easy to stop, you just gotta insult them in front of people they get really out of control and all the energy sucking crap goes down. Idk know why people are psi vampires what is their fate, what good are they suppose to do?

  2. Psychic vampires exist. I know it, because I accept the existence of astral energy, and believe me people: they are among us. Talismans may have power, but only the really well-crafted ones. Otherwise a psy vampire needs sg. from you to create a contact.
    There are different levels of this kind of vampirism.
    1. Physical contact required.
    2. Vampire can drain the life-force from a distant, but the victim must be at least in the same room.
    3. Nail or hair is enough to establish a contact. (the vampire must have met with the victim before)
    4. A photo is enough. (the vampire must have met with the victim before)
    5. Only the image in the vampire’s mind is enough. (the vampire must have met with the victim before)
    So beware, because vampires are among us.
    For more info, visit

  3. yeah. This perosn began by wanting money, than attention than even a joint business venture. it was intereating when I said noooooooooo! I started finding rats in my house. whn she found some one else to mooch off of the rats went away.

  4. Psychic vampires? What exactly have you been shooting up with? Someday you’ll need to come back to reality.

  5. Yeah, I was married to three of them at different points in my life. No wonder I was so sacked out all the time. And I thought it was the lackanookie syndrome that had gotten me.

  6. oh yeah, they are out there….what’s different? well, i feel like i’ve had all my energy sucked right out of me, and it’s NOT GOOD

  7. One of my best friends was a psychic vampire. Of course they exist. Most people don’t get out enough to see that what they deem “impossible” really does exist. Psychic vampires do not attack me. Talismans do work, so long as you are armed with the right one.
    I don’t blame people for not believing, since such things seem impossible. However, saying that “something DOES NOT EXIST” is as evil as evangelism. It’s horribly inaccurate and pointlessly forceful.

  8. I do believe in psychic vampires, but I also believe in energy vamps. Fortunately I have never been attacked by one. My boyfriend on the other hand has been attacked and I witnessed it. It was almost as if my bf wasn’t in his body anymore, I could read his eyes and it wasn’t him. I didn’t do anything to protect myself, I just called my friend (she was in the other room), she has dealt with that before. Within minutes my bf returned. It really drained him. Still freaks me out thinking about it.

  9. Yes, I do believe in them. To my knowledge, I have not been attacked. They may not be evil consciously, but they drain people’s life forces. That is not a kind act. Purification acts and meditation should work well enough, as a means of protection.

  10. teeth mark in my neck; my neighbor noticed them before me, I went to the mirror to have a look; there they were as plain as day.

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