Do you believe in Psychic Powers?

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Do you believe in Psychic Powers like Telekinesis, telepathy and others?
Do you believe that there is a person who have the ability to do this super-human skill?

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Know It All

errrr….no….maybe….I dont know… 😉


Spirits can contact the mind of a person and talk with them. The person can talk with them by mind. There are psychic powers but I think that only certain people can attain this skill.


We are NOT the 3D physical body we see in our mirror each day, but the 5D spiritual Being within (our consciousness) which animates that body..
Our spiritual body within, which is of course invisible to our 3D senses, has it*s own senses attuned to 5D *reality*, and all spiritual and psychic abilities come from that part of us when activated and developed, especially so when our physical self is fairly sensitive, allowing inner level impressions to come through to our physical awareness..
Beyond 3D, telepathy, mind to mind communication is the natural way, and even on Earth we have that ability, as do all form of life in nature..Have you ever suddenly thought of someone, the phone then rings and *guess who?!*, that very person..YOu just *picked up* or sensed that incoming thought that the person was about to ring you..When we think OF someone, we think TO them, and that works in this world and the next..
Our thoughts are powerful and have great effect, our beliefs and intentions too..That*s why positive people tend to succeed and negative people tend not to!


Yes and yes in my opinion.


there are people with these abilities, however they are not considered super human skills.


I am learning to use mine so yes I believe in them.

Girl Raphael

everyone has certain spiritual gifts. we are born with them, what you chose to do with them is up to you.

Sophia G

Yes, I went to a Wiccan psychic a year ago and had 2 readings from her. She told me in each reading that I would find out I was pregnant by the end of the year (of 2009) I was like ”yeah right, got to meet a man first!!!” and also didnt think I could have children….
Almost a year on, I am 8 months pregnant!! and loads of other stuff she told me came true aswell!


Yes I have them here are two awesome experiences to y’all haters buy a forest and get lost in it.
It was after school and the whole class had this big project that was due in two weeks Anywayz I asked one of my friends if I could borrow his portable CD player he said yes and as we were walking it slipped and I’m thinking s*** stop and it froze for a minute I freaked out and it kinda plops to the ground I pick it up and I look up and no one had noticed I dropped it.
II had another experience too but it was invisibility. Actually it was two of them…. I’ll tell ya later


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