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Do you believe in psychic mediums? Can they communicate with the dead?

Do you think they can actually contact people from beyond? Do you think it is really possible to communicate with people that have died? How do you know they are truthful ? Also do you think it’s harmful to try to communicate with people that have died? Are psychic mediums real? I would love to hear from my mom just one more time…..is it at all a possibility?


  • Some people can, actually. But the majority are fakes doing it for a buck. Usually, most real mediums will not sell their services, because some feel it’s disrespectful or that their abusing their gift.

    I believe that if a person in the spirit world wants to communicate with you, then they will initiate the contact. For a medium to try to summon a spirit out of the spirit world who is not a spirit guide is disrespectful. They are in the spirit world to prepare for rebirth, so they are resting, and to summon them disturbs their rest.

    Truthful–not all are, which is why one shouldn’t communicate with a spirit who is not a spirit guide or without their spirit guide.

    Inform your spirit guide that you’d like to talk to your mom. Maybe he/she can contact your mom for you, but that isn’t a definite yes. Wait on her to contact you. That’s what I did when I wanted to talk to my great granddad.

  • There are psychic shows which are very convincing – such as James van Praagh “Beyond” and in the UK Colin Fry’s “The 6xith Sense). However it does seem that they are subsceptible to believing in their own views, and letting their imagination fly away with them – much as what religion does with it’s believers…
    I do believe in finding real evidence, such as here

    The chances of really speaking to your mom, would not rate as being plausible…
    What mediums display, is the use of ESP to gain knowledge you think is via your mom… etc. Rather than actually directly from her. ie. it is indirect.

  • I once went to a psychic for advise

    when I got there it was shut with a sign on the door

    close due to unforeseen circumstances

  • Once a person dies they either go to heaven or hell. They do not come back in any way or communicate. Dead spirits are actually demons taking on the form of the dead person and communicating. This is not of God.

  • I believe there are people that think they are physic mediums. I don’t believe they have the abilities they say they do. Eric Weiss spent most of the rest of his non-acting life trying to communicate and never made it happen. Penn and Teller and the Amazing Randi still are debunking mediums. No psychics here I am afraid.

  • Yes there are real mediums who can contact the dead. In the Bible Saul had a medium call up the soul of the prophet Samuel. The Bible also warns against doing such things. I personally believe that demons are capable pf impersonating a dead loved one so we have to be careful what we let into our live.

  • I believe it’s the othere way around. The spirits communicate with the living. If a person is open and has the heart,spirit,and soul, the spirit will communicate. I don’t believe that a person can specifically ask for one or another spirit, to talk to them. They are brought to them for a specific purpose. If it’s to be, then it will be. You may be surprised at how your mom contacts you. It may be in a way that you least expect. It may be tomorrow, it may be a year from now. Your mom will know when you’re ready. Don’t look for it. You’ll recognize it, at the time you need too. Don’t push it. Just accept her being gone from the physical. Know that she’s watching, and knows.

  • When spirit leaves body, body falls dead. Communication with spirits is possible. But it is not advisable. Its against laws of nature. People indulging in such practises fall spiritually.

  • No, they can only communicate with Satan and the demons. Dead humans can do nothing and they know nothing. Ecc 9:5,6 10,11

  • Ive been to one, and I dont really think about if its real or not. Its about closure and a feeling of finality for me, the rest doesnt matter. I consider it to be more like therapy than anything else. And as long as it makes someone feel better, I don’t think the rest is relavent.

  • Absolutely NOT. Don’t waste your money and energy on this kind of thing. Cherish the memories you have of your Mom.

  • Well….
    I believe it but then again i don’t
    like fakers “try” to communicate with the dead…
    soo long story short i don’t believe in that anymore…
    cuz of people like that… -__-;;;

  • get your head out of the clouds and sort yourself out , before your mind really starts playing tricks on you.
    Belief is a powerfull thing ,and believing in the wrong thing can be very dangerouse.

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