do you believe in psychic kids kids who see and can tell the future or can see auras and stuff?

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Kaden's Mom


i am bored

uhh no


I’d like to.

HEYiT'S [KyLe]

Just in movies, buddy. 😛

Adrian Monk

no way

Beatreezy (new pics on profile)

Yes i’m one of them.
Your gonna die in 7 day.
muahaha jk.
maybe there really are some kids who are gifted though.


just some of my dreams come true


NO! They just want attention or Satan and his demons are playing with their minds. Sorry i have no sympathy for people like that.


i saw aura colors when i passed out.
it was pretty weirdd.

♀ Gσтнι¢ яσмαи¢є ♀

* I’d have to see it to believe it ==p *

Sith Lord: Darth Skittles

what is an aura anyway???


Yes and I believe a great many are demon possessed or practicing occult stuff.

Muffin M

Last night i had a strange dream about making a sandwich with chuna, and this afternoon my mother made me one, and i didn’t even ask or say anything….


Yes. I’ve seen the show “Psychic Kids: Paranormal Children”. It seems very real. Pretty interesting stuff.

I ♥ ♫

No, but an aura is like a force or power that surrounds you and supposedly only certain people can see it.


I can see auras. and everyone can ..


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