Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in positive energy & negative energy?

Do you believe in positive energy & negative energy?

I think some people bring in bad energy. but what’s your intake on it?


  1. I definitely believe in different types of energy. Some people give me a headache or make me tense just because of the way they are with negative energy. Some people are really needy and you can feel them trying (they don’t know they are doing it) to take your life energy and leave you feeling tired.

  2. Sure, some people spin stability and groundedness into the world, and others spin angst and strife.
    Unlike electricity, you don’t need both kinds in equal measure.

  3. bad energy includes using incandescent light bulbs, having the AC or furnace on for most of the day, using gas powered products such as lawn mowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers, driving SUVs or vehicles with low gas mileage, and taking long showers with hot water

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