Home Discussion Forum do you believe in positive and negative energy?

do you believe in positive and negative energy?

ive heard this alot time and cant understand…
they say you can send positive or negative energies to minds…
that if you think too much about a problem the negative energies doesnt let the good thing happen to you…but if you just forget that and dont think about it suddenly all positive energies will release…
Do you have any explanation?


  1. It’s the Law of Attraction. It’s a theory that you send out energy that affects your fate basically.
    The book and movie The Secret is all about that.

  2. In a way, yes. I believe that if one thinks positively and optimistically, there is a much larger chance of positive things happening to them (in the same way, even though I’m an Agnostic, I think prayer can bring positive things to a person’s life through the power of positive thinking). That person also spreads a good feeling to people they interact with. For example, if I go into work in a crummy mood, and a co-worker is bursting with energy and being friendly, it rubs off on me.
    A cynic, or someone with “negative” energy probably isn’t going to draw positive people or situations to themselves. I also believe people put off kinds of “vibes,” like when you meet someone and instantaneously know they’re someone you’ll really get along with or enjoy being around.

  3. I think that’s fantasy. On positive and negative, you can have such attitudes, and they can help you in doing well or hinder you.


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