Do you believe in past life regression?

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Where you are hypnotized and supposedly tap into a past life.

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No. Almost all the so-called documented cases are suggested by the hypnotizer.

Karl P

lol. nah, not into vain imaginations in the first place, dude. 😉


No, even though I like to fantasize about reincarnation.
“The hypnotist discovered I once was Alexander the Great-”
“- ‘s chief eunuch.”


I believe it can easily be done, but shouldn’t be.
There is a valid reason for wiping out the mistakes of a previous lifetime.
For one, this is our new chance to right the wrongs. By free will, we choose to do differently, not because we know we have to, but because we feel greater love and compassion than before.
If you knew you had to accomplish something, it would have a different quality than if you simply chose to.




No. It’s just a way for scam artists to fool the gullible, and for the gullible to assuage their fear of death.


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