Home Discussion Forum do you believe in past life regression as a therapy?

do you believe in past life regression as a therapy?

Ae you curious about your past lives? Do you think you can bring some knowledge, personality traits, etc from a past life?


  1. I do and yet I dont,if that makes sense.When someone is being regessed who is to say that what they are experiencing is actual events from a past life or simply the subconcious recalling passages from books that have retained in the mind!
    I would personally like to be regressed in order to test out this theory.

  2. whenever i hear about past life regression therapy stories there is on thing that bothers me.everyone that recounts their past lives have either been a prince or princess a king a royal courtier or somebody special few people remember being say a cowhand a sewer worker a slave even so i wonder if it is all just from what we have heared or read since we were born .i would dearly love to believe in past lives and i wont discount this possibility.


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