did at any time your dreams became true? if so what dreams? did at any time you feel that you heard the voices of angels and god? or did any one cure your physical illness by healing or praying to god?


  • Einstein said there is no matter. Quantum physics discusses waves and particles of energy. The deeper science delves, the less matter and more energy they find — and the closer to spirituality they get, and closer to finding that everything is connected. The Creator’s energy works in countless ways, and often through us. Yes, I have heard guidance, and I rely on it when I do alternative healing. I’ve often caught people off guard by showing them where they hurt before they tell me. Opening up to the universal energy and allowing it to work through me for the benefit of another has been the most rewarding and exciting and humbling experience of my life.

  • Yes, I do. Over the years I have seen and experienced some pretty remarkable things that make believing easy.

    The most amazing thing I ever saw though was in a laundromat… A little boy (2 to 3 yrs old) was playing with a large plastic toy truck. I started talking to him, standing a few feet away while my friend squatted down beside him. We were encouraging him to push the truck towards me so I could push it back to him.
    His parents were just awful! They said we were wasting our time because he was a stupid child and wouldn’t talk or ‘nothing’… a dummy and no good.
    Naturally, we were horrified but that child grinned at me. He then looked at the truck, never touching it, and sort of nodded his head towards me… The truck shot across the floor to my feet!
    My friend and I both about fell over!

    Just because something is unexplained doesn’t mean it is unexplainable… we just don’t have the capability of explaining it yet. We may all have latent abilities of various kinds.

  • My dream that somebody bombed New York the night before 9/11 came true, and I have witnesses who laughed at me on my way to work on 9/11. Never heard Angels or God but something else.

  • yes, for me it’s true & it really happens in this world we live in. well, there are a lot of unexplainable cases that are very hard to believe in but, it’s true & it happened. also, me myself can’t explain why most dreams of mine always came true esp. beween the time of my sleep at 12am to 7am. also, de ja vu also happens to me in my dreams. my psychic friend told me that a person dream during that range of hours of sleep will came true & after that hours, dream will be reversed (if u dreamed + then it will become – in real life)…for me at my own experience, i firmly believe to miracle by praying your saint & to our God above. Also, a tarot card reading with the young psychic of mine at me is very true, rate 8/10 happens….

  • Yes I believe because i had some experiences of this type,some of my dreams came true;dreams that come true are called premonitions and happen to anyone but in a less frequent rate.
    I healed a person of abdominal pain with a form of light hypnosis,the other type of healing with you are referring to I am not to sure yet,I am still learning.
    I also heard voices but they were spirit voices not of angel or demons and I was awake,not drunk or the effect of any medication.
    So the answer to all of your questions is that a paranormal world realy exist but it cannot be reached by anyone and not to easy.

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