Do you believe in Palm Reading or Tarot?

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As I was walking in the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, I notice people having their hand read…
I was wondering if that is true or they just do it to rip people off their money?

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Nope, but it can be amusing.


I would only do it if offered for free…


Its all false.
Save your money

Leah C

I am a beleiver in the dark magic of Zion


yes, but one time i was told i would get married to someone and guess what never happened


I kinda believe in it, but I got it done once by a total sham called “Madam Grey”, who totally ripped me off! She just told me that she saw me having twins in future, that she saw a set of keys in my future, and I was destined to have no female friends because they’ll all be jealous of me.
Plus, it was €25 for a 3 minute meeting!

Katie the crazy magnet

You can’t actually tell somebody’s future from their hand. But a good palm reader will often be somewhat correct. That’s because they know how to read people – their faces, how they speak, their body language. A good fortune teller knows a lot about you by the time she pretends to read your future, so she can make a reasonable prediction about where you’re headed.


I believe in it! But I wouldn’t pay for it when I can do it online for free. 🙂


only as Entertainment.just like wrestling


I wouldn’t want to generalize that ALL of them are imposters, but i think 99% of them just tell you what you want to hear 🙂 (i.e. you’re going to meeet somone )

Tom R

not everyone has the ability to read accurately but ive been to several and they have been very accurate. i view tarot cards as a crutch to help you focus your mind. there is tons of empirical evidence that people cam read the possible future

MixedGurl #2 Due 12/21/09



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