Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in Moon Candle Magick?

Do you believe in Moon Candle Magick?

Do you believe that Candle Magick works? Have you ever tried it and it worked?


  1. Yes and Yes. However, there is more to magick than lighting a candle and saying some words. If you don’t know what you are doing, chances are you will have very little result.

  2. Yes. A candle can be empowered by any ‘planetary,’ ‘solar,’ or ‘lunar’ entity. Just get yourself a silver candle, etch the symbol for the moon in the side. Allow this candle to sit in the full moon for the night, then you’ll have an empowered Moon Candle usable for various Magicks.

  3. Well, yes and no. It doesn’t work the way you might think, but you can get results. All magick works in the exact same way no matter what the form takes. And that is clear and focused intention. The ‘spells’ and rituals are just forms to help you focus your intention and so if it is candles, chants, locks of hair in an envelope, whatever it is works on the same principle.

  4. moon candle magick that is an interesting term, i am guessing what you mean by it is candle magick at nite during diffrent cycles of the moon, it would be an interesting thing to do but also keep this in mind the fire is to the sun as water is to the moon, so you are combining two opposites it sounds like you are new I would try doing candle magick during the day that way your elements match unless when you are doing it at night and want to include the other two elements in some fashion to create a balanced ritual.
    Yes I have tried candle magick when i was in high school some time ago. A tip to not use it for love unless you are just trying to spice up the bedroom atmosphere do not use it for money except for the wisdom of how to spend it, personal gain is a very touchy subject. I would use it for virtues, or to enhance the experiance of what i am already doing.

  5. Tools are just that, tools. Thier meaning comes from thier use.
    Example, my offering bowl comes straight from Wal-mart. Hey it was on sale! It was wooden which was what I wanted so that it left flexiblity to carve the runes I wanted. Five bucks, couldn’t beat it. Do I use it strictly for offering? Nope. If I am short a bowl for dinner for my family, it get’s used and has been known to hold a salad or mashed potatoes. I am practical if nothing else. The bowl is just a bowl unless the meaning is different. Using it to share my “wealth” for my family is just as sacred for me.

  6. Ray Malbrough has a couple of books on candle magick, and there are other good sources too, I think a good place to begin a search is amazon, but that’s just me.
    Basically, the period from the new to full moon is for positive works, such as getting a raise, promotion, etc. The period from the full to new moon is for banishing. If you have a candle spell that says “start on the day/night of the new moon,” you have a 3-day window for starting.


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