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do you believe in manifesting?

people like wayne dyer, louise hay, etc.. speak of manifesting by setting your intention on something and meditating on only what you want to have happen for your life. do you believe this works?


  1. I think any time a person spends enough time and thought on something they can make it happen..within reason. Obviously if a man wishes to manifest himself as a woman….without surgery its not gonna happen lol. But as with prayer, the human mind has amazing potential that we dont even begin to understand.

  2. To start with the end in mind is a good strategy. Then you will find it easier to sort out behaviours and values that could impact your goal in a negative way. Instant gratification is the main culprit in maintaining goal oriented behaviour. Because there may be an interesting or delightful possibility at present, it is more real than what you desire to happen in the future. A deep seated resolve can hold you on course because you have held tightly to what you have “seen”in the future.

  3. It does work. Their idea of manifesting is not new…it’s been around for a long time, but they just put a different name to it and marketed it to make money. Manifesting is nothing more than prayer, but the correct form of praying..not like you learn in bible school. Read a book by napolean Hill called “think and grow rich.” or James Allen….there are many older books out there that are still popular today, because they work. Doesn’t seem like it, but they do, but you have to stick with it…it’s not overnight affair.


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