Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in Indigo or Crystal Children?

Do you believe in Indigo or Crystal Children?

I am told that my aura is electric blue with bright white what does that mean.


  1. Mmmm, nope. I do believe in the power of belief, in that I think that people that do believe in such things are energized by their belief in such things. Being energized is good.

  2. No; I believe there are gifted individuals, but I don’t believe it’s anything approaching a new race or a new subspecies.

  3. It means someone thought they could get something from you if they told you that. Like money.
    “Indigo Child” is just some Forer effect mumbo jumbo to sell new age books to parents with kids who are anywhere from just rambunctious to having ADHD.

  4. I don’t know a lot about them but as long as they don’t get all up in my face about being a freaking sinner or an “infidel” (I hate that word) … I’m willing to read up on them.

  5. This is the perfect place to say, just because something cannot be proven empirically with current methods, or understood with current science, does not mean that it is “new age BS”. If we can create machines that communicate with each other with out verbal speech or body language, then why is it so hard to believe that we could develop telepathy biologically. I’m not saying I buy into the whole argument, but at least I don’t dismiss it off hand as a joke just because I don’t understand it. Don’t be a small minded simpleton and insult people for being open minded.


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