Home Discussion Forum do you believe in horoscopes and the people who read the tarot?

do you believe in horoscopes and the people who read the tarot?

where can I find a place or website where the horoscopes are personally and or the reading tarot is good? and they are for free or all of them cost you something?


  1. Most of the free Tarot sights are computerized and are not from a real person.
    I read my own Tarot, and I do not charge for my readings, but I only do them when I have time.
    There are some people on here that you can ask to give you a reading; some may actually do it for free.
    One of the free online sights that is not too bad is facade.com. They tend to be a little on the downer side, but the cards and lay outs are really good learning tools.

  2. Horoscopes are an exact calculated divination so online sources can work for those, but generally cost a fee for personalized readings, but the tarot needs more then a mechanical hand, like most sites will give you. If you want a guaranteed and free reading, either make a friend who reads the tarot, or get a set of cards yourself.
    I, personally, read the tarot for myself and most anyone who asks, as I believe asking someone to pay for this sort of thing is immoral. But, I and people like me aren’t always around, so if you want a steady source, I suggest you learn the art for yourself.


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