Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in Healing programmes of meditation?

Do you believe in Healing programmes of meditation?

in meditation there is a segment named, Healing. here people give a particular amount of money “Sadaka” and ask for dua from a meditation psyche. and it has been scientifically proved that people, who were suffering from a very painful disease for a long time, cured from it after doing the Healing meditation. they believe in daoa, dua, sadaka. i.e. medicine, prayer and charity.
is itr OK from Islamic point of view?


  1. NO !
    Meditating is derived from the religious rituals of Buddhism and it is Haraam.
    Islaam and Islaamic way to dealing with things is way better than man-made ways.

  2. No.
    I believe in science and doctors.
    People are living longer in modern societies because of scientific research,not through hope and thought.

  3. I don’t know about exactly that, but it should be ok to use meditation for healing. There are many healing meditations you could do.


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