do you believe in hallucogenics to expand your consciousness?

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Dr. Sam Beckett

Weed. Just weed, man.

Adam G


Captain Bunkum

Hallucinogenics don’t expand your consciousness; merely alter it.
Sometimes permanently.

Unsolved Miseries

No. I don’t use “hallucinogenics”. I use the bible for that.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

No; I value my brain, and there’s too much we don’t know about the effects of hallucinogenics.

Alex R

Weed is the only one safe enough for me to try. Anything that changes your perception is a very enlightening experience, as you see reality from a different viewpoint.

jon t

If you mean ‘Do I believe in using hallucogenics in order to think better to achieve nirvana and better thinking…’
then the answer is no.
Stanley Kubrick, the movie director, was often asked if he used drugs in order to come up with the art style that he had. He said no, and that drugs get between the artist and the true ideas. They cloud your mind and make you believe that the ideas you have are great, even if they’re not. And you should be more proud of what you can come up with on your own.
I agree with him.
Hallucogenics just would get in the way.


i believe hallucinogenics do that, if that is what you are asking…
Do I take them? No. But if you want to more power to you!

Pocket Protecktor

There is no doubt in my mind that a person can reach certain levels of consciousness and awareness that couldn’t be reached otherwise while under the influence of hallucinatory drugs, but…
Those kinds of lofty intellectual insights won’t help you in the “real” world…in fact…they’ll probably just make it harder to “fit it” to the “norm” of society…
You can fly real high and truly see the sun, but…
Your wings will eventually melt, and you’ll come crashing back down to Earth in a fiery explosion of mental exhaustion…

Teapot Believer

If you include ‘knowledge of how hallucinogens affect thought process’ as an expanded consciousness then yes.
After many years of using hallucinogens I can comfortably say that the so called ‘expanded consciousness’ is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is true though that one could meausre ones life as states of ‘before and after’ as far as these drugs are concerned. After seing what I’ve seen on DMT I can never go back 😉


No, hallucinations are not real. Anything you experience is not real, and makes no sense, including your thoughts. Any expansion wouldn’t make sense either, considering it was based on your temporarily delusional thoughts.


Sometimes when they sell food on the TV, the consumer of the product, like chewing gum or something like that, and they have this hallucinogenic experience, the colours and shapes and stuff. Like old hippy art.
Well it’s not like that.
There are people who have wrecked their minds with that rubbish.
And no, there is no ‘door of perception’ that needs opening, and if you do open it, it will never close again.


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