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Do you believe in feng shui? What have you done to feng shui your living space?

Some of the principals are far fetched and hard to swallow, but others ( like bringing in good light and good air to your home ) make more sense to me. How much of it do you believe? How do you feng shui your home?


  1. I’m Chinese (is feng shui Chinese? hahaha) and my family doesn’t feng shui.. but if it can improve our lives right now, I will try anything include moving furniture around haha

  2. No, I don’t believe in Feng Shui. It’s just superstitious fantasy… If there is any benefit from it, it’s that it helps to get more organized, and more importantly, the Placebo Effect, in other words, if you think it will make you feel better, it probably will..

  3. I have a somewhat light-hearted beleif in Feng Shui. I had basically got rid of all clothing/books/electronic equiptment/videos /cds that I hadnt used for longer than a year . I also refrain from having a TV in my Bedroom which a good Feng Shui Book will suggest , I use wind chimes too A lot of the other stuff for example : Get a house facing south , turn your couch facing West isnt practical for me personally . However I personally do feel more confident and at ease in a ‘kept tidy ‘ House

  4. No my home is a feng shui nightmare but here is a web site that is pretty good…
    My main problem is clutter…

  5. i do practice fengshui; but the fengshui that i practice is based on what i learned from chinese practitioners or masters, those people who have practiced fengshui for a very long time. i do not read books, nor based what i know from some diy nor websites. to me free info is just free, because nobody wants it, that is why they are free to start with.
    i do practice fengshui from time to time. like every end of the year, some time in october or in november i “balance” the house by putting some plants, buckets of water, a pair of qiling (metal statues), etc. around the house just to make the coming new year more positive and less negative to me.
    i also use it to predict what can i look forward to in the coming new year – just for me to anticipate it. for example, 2008 is earth over water, which means the earth will be unstable and be washed away by water. meaning lots of earthquakes, building crumbling. because water can wash away earth, this can also mean floods and erratic weather patterns.
    i used to force other people to believe fengshui. now, i dont anymore… whenever something bad happens to them, that i prepared for earlier – i just smile and sigh – if only they learn to listen.

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