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Do you believe in Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)?

People claim to be psychic or to have a 6th sense. Do you believe that it is true, or do you believe it to be all a hoax. I am leaning towards that it is true, but I wan’t to know what you think.


  1. Being active in research on the matter for the past couple of decades, I would have to be on the side of it being true. Aside from the extreme number of charlatans who defraud people out of their money, the predominant argument against it is the inability to “prove” its existence. One could just as well ask for proof of its non-existence. For those who have have had some of the experiences, they are believers irregardless of what happens in a lab. Many of today’s facts were in the past also considered not to be true until they were “proved”.
    I have spent over 10 years researching, developing, testing and working on a project that can be used to overcome certain variables that make the testing of the individuals ability and application thereof. The progress is slow due to the human factor, which is the basis for the problem to get accurate test results in the first place. Being as the question is about human abilities, I only work with human subjects. Being humans, the abilities are affected and constantly changing due to their diets, moods, stress levels, time of day in relation to ones personal rhythms, menstrual cycles and hormone levels, etc. Any and all, can change the results at any given time. I only regret that if I were to have a breakthrough tomorrow, and was able to document solid proof of the existance, the results would not be able to be made public. Its applications also are intended to result in control of said abilities.
    I will leave my answer at that, and say have fun looking for the answer. (No sarcasm intended) Half the fun is figuring out and experiancing things for yourself.
    Jasius, you are correct that it cannot be proven at this time by the scientific community, expecially by what is accepted as scientific methodology. Had you read what I wrote in the context of the paragraph, you may have also noticed I was referring to charlatans and people who believe, no matter what because they have made a concrete decision based on their interpertation of some event. The charlatan is driven by their profit and reality is not that important. To the firm beleiver, too often their interpertation is set and their beliefs are not open, even though there is hard evidence to disprove their interpertation of the incident. In another question you complained that when you asked scientific questions, you receive little response. I thought someone that understands scientific method should understand, being as the testing that has been done to date has been inconclusive, the question would be, why. I do beleive I clerified that there are human variables that need to be addressed which is what I deal with in order to develop a method that is not only effective to test subjects but also control the application thereof if successful. Do I work with typical scientific method, NO. Is my method somthing that would be considered acceptable by the common scientific community, POSSIBLY NOT, but then they have not had results either. My job is to get control of the abilities for practical application. There is more interest in denial than publicity for what I do. I understand what potential applications are ahead for the progress that is shown, my paycheck comes from the government. I do have regrets that it will remain unrecognized, I would like to see people be able to apply the gained information for humanitarian purposes, but I live in reality. When I look at your reality, there is little to no progress to show. Be it you, Rev Nice Guy or anyone else, if you care to read between the lines of my answer; Due to experiance, I have to believe it is true. I gave the answer why current testing getting lacking results, the human factor. I stated that I cannot be open but there is a way. I simply hope someone finds it aside from me or others in my situation. When I can find the way, someone else can also, it is there if one looks in the right places and asks the right questions.
    Edit 2: Dr, here again, thumbs up.
    Robert, Thanks; You looked and thought, looked and reconsidered. In you, I have found my goal, an open mind that will question once and again, to read between the lines and take your couriousity further. ?=WIT+

  2. I believe ESP, is completely sensory, and totally about perception. But there is nothing “extra” about it. I believe in ESP in the sense that the human brain is vastly complex super-computer we are just barely starting to figure out. I think it is entirely possible to “foretell” a future event, not through super natural means but just through the ability of the brain itself.
    Think of it like this what are you going to have for diner? You just predicted the future. Of course that example is not at all super natural. So consider this: Where are you going to be in five years? And while thinking about this try to pretend you are all ready there and think backwards in terms of what you had to do to get there. How much of those things you think you will go through in the next five years will actually come true?
    To me ESP is like that last example, only automatic, unintentional and usually random, perhaps originating on a subconscious level.
    Sometimes what happens to me is I’ll just be doing something routine and I’ll get a brief flash of something thats going to happen (that I wouldn’t know about otherwise) and then it does happen. I can’t explain it. I don’t even know how to go about testing this because I can’t control it. It just happens. Sometimes I just know things without any desire or prior knowledge.
    Am I crazy? Well if I start hearing voices saying to kill people or start talking to Jesus, Buddha and Ramses all in the same spot I’d deffinately consider being commited. 😉
    I will say that to me I do not think what sometimes experience is super-natural or somehow magical. I think its just a latent ability to interpret sensory information and extrapolate future possibilities and events – nothing more.

  3. “The predominant argument against it is the inability to “prove” its existence. One could just as well ask for proof of its non-existence.”
    This is copied and pasted from Lucas D’s reply, and is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t prove a negative. The burden of proof is on the person making the extraordinary claim. This statement shows a fundamental lack of scientific knowledge that either makes me think that the person isn’t being truthful about his involvement in any sort of scientific research, or it explains why such research isn’t accepted by the scientific community, as the research is being done by people completely ignorant to scientific methodology.

  4. Our beliefs about the world are largely driven by our experience, or by following what we accept as authority.
    So a better question is what can we learn that does not require belief or placing unquestioned faith in authority.
    This is what science excels at — testing things in the laboratory under controlled conditions. Scientists have been doing this for over a century to address the question of whether ESP exists or not. The preponderance of the experimental evidence strongly suggests that it does exist. Science has also shown that perhaps 80% of experiences that people think is ESP, isn’t. Many psychic-like experiences are actually due to psychological factors and coincidence. But not all. Some are genuine.

  5. I have seen no compelling evidence to suggest ESP is real. There isn’t any evidence to support its existence either. No one has been able to demonstrate this ability in a controlled environment either and those who say they have it are usually committing some sort of logical fallacy or else overlooking a natural explanation like coincidence.

  6. Of course you are leaning toward it being true. You are smart and cool. All those brainiac scientists who say it’s fake, they are idiots.

  7. We only have 5 senses. There are many things which exist outside of these senses. There is bound to be some who can perceive what others cannot.

  8. for f**ks sake LUCAS D, no one wants to read your novel, they just want a simplified answer. Its called Yahoo answers, not Yahoo write me your life story.
    Anyways, yea i do believe in ESP, but the amount of people that claim to have it versus the amount of people that do have it is a big difference. there are a lot of full of it people out the that claim they are psychic and make it look bad for the people who are genuine. They are also scammers and should be locked up.
    They say crap like “a change will be happening in your life very soon”
    ahem, ok sure..now gimme my 500 bucks back, lol

  9. I can’t tell you what to think. Think for yourself and allow others to do the same. Someone said that, some philiospher, I can’t remember who.
    But it’s real. Believe me, it’s real. Science cannot prove everything, you know, and there is more than meets the eye with people and their ESP abilities.
    There are many frauds and hoaxes, but sometimes there are genuine people with different abilties.
    -Telepathetic Out

  10. Yes, I do believe that some people CLAIM just about anything. If you are seeking a belief system, you can probably do better. Don’t lean, it distorts your growth. If you have a replicable experience you tend to rely on something you define by the related information in those experiences – do I believe I have had my own experiences? Yes. Were they extrasensory? Well…
    Do you believe in…just sounds like a lazy mind.

  11. I think it’s real, but I don’t think that every psychic who has set up shop in NYC or any city for that matter is real.

  12. SCIENCE CAN NOT PROVE LOVE ALSO.. and many things.. anyway.. yes its true and Nina P’s answer is the very nice.. also nice to have some scientific answers.. Now I have very good 6th sense like everyone else does but maybe not everyone is AWARE of it… and I can TELL and PREDICT that soon this 6th sense issue will be PROVED. so no worries:)

  13. I would say true, just hard to find answers that are true. I think it is more a heightened awareness than anything supernatural.
    Lucas D, you do write long, and I thought ,conspiracy fanatic, at first. read more of your answers and made me think. Asked friends and they had not considered your points but makes sense. Govt, MICI-BO? Fine line, don’t cross, we would loose chance at different viewpoint.
    Luke L, small answers are good for small minds, I prefer to get answers that make me think. Don’t like it, don’t bother reading it. Please do not try to speak for all of us.

  14. I think we all have a 6th sense,(it is our intuition)but the question is how many of us’, have enough faith in that stuff?.My experience,is that whenever i have listened my intuition,i was right,also I know to predict to myselfm, what will happen to me in the future…..but those I see, as senses of what might happen.There is nothing pranormal in the 6 th sense,just people should work on their faith of themselves.
    Try to believe to your own instict and you’ll se that all this is just believe and faith in yourself.


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