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Do you believe in ESP or Psychic powers?

I just want some opinions, some view points, and just what you think!
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  1. Senior year in high school a group of students and I became obsessed with Ouija boards and the occult, my board had us convinced we must cleanse the school of Demons. It told us we each had our own clairvoyant powers four were mediums, one was empathic, and I had faith. I was a little bummed to be honest. But we trapped a “demon in the roots of an old tree. My faith was supposed to be an anchor. But then weird shit happened to us, the others, they started hearing voices and started having other “abilities”. When bad things started following us, and the others started scaring us with their obsession bordering on addiction, I bailed with the empath and one of the mediums, and the rest never forgave us. But after we left everything righted itself with us three, the others still have their problems though. It was pretty heavy.

  2. No not at all. Plenty of people claim to have these powers but really they are just guessing (and forgetting all the times they guess wrong). When tested under controlled conditions these ‘abilities’ melt like snow.

  3. Nope. Despite all the wild claims you’ll hear, no one has EVER been able to show ESP or psychic powers exist. And if they did exist, they would be very, very easy to demonstrate. No one ever.

  4. I am able to “see” a bit into รƒยพhe future. When I dream, I see a few events of a day and feel like it’s happening while I dream. Every sound, visual, taste, feeling, even thoughts. Lately, it’s been farther apart, possibly due to my inability to remember a dream when I awake or a lack of sleep.
    Yes, I do belive in ESP due to experience.

  5. Yes 100%
    It’s powerful when it happens to me, and usually it happens unwillingly.
    I know at times when it happens, I can see part of the near future, what’s about to happen to me in visions, and then it happens sometimes within minutes. Or I feel what’s about to happen, or know something bad has happen or going to, and I prepare for it just knowing what to do. These things always come to me like as to warn me, even dreams that come true, next day or even months later, so not I tend to take it all seriously.
    Not only have I seen spirits and ghost all my life, one has came to me for years communicating, at times I can pick up telepathically spirits and humans personal thoughts as long as I have them in my sight, and again it happens unwillingly. At times when a spirit comes near while I sleep, my inner eye opens to see them, and I feel their thoughts too, and one time did communicate with a spirit telepathy. I know it’s not a dream because at times I wake up completely to see them usually leaving, or floating above me, or at the foot of my bed. I have astral traveled and projected and saw spirits, hugged one I once knew, and had a fight with another one that was bad. And when awake if I can’t see the spirit, usually I can feel it’s presence or vibrations in the room and know where they are, if floating or where about they are in the room.

  6. No, is no scientific proof such things exist, if anyone have such abilities can win James Randi’s $1,000,000, no one ever win it, if real psychics exist they collect million dollars not need con people of few hundred dollars, are many frauds but no real psychics.

  7. Yes, but only you can prove it to yourself for yourself and be 100% and this can be done no matter what anybody says. This is the only way for proof and the nature of our reality but…
    FYI the US Government funded Psychics for 20 years during the StarGate program, pity ‘skeptics’ turn blind to this. Now that is a long time for something that isn’t at all real ๐Ÿ˜‰
    De-bunkers are different to Skeptics BTW, they have no real desire to find the truth just an agenda to De-bunk no matter what truths they come across.Victor Zammitt has offered a million dollar prize to skeptics to prove PSI isn’t real for years, no winners yet. So it goes both ways.
    It is as real as it gets , it is just the fear that stops people exploring ability. It is a huge thing to blow away all your belief :-0

  8. Sorry Turkeyhamster and others, claims of psychic abilities don’t always wilt when examined scientifically. There have been many controlled experiments which gave positive results. Some respected universities, Yale for one, have whole departments devoted to the study of psi phenomena. I feel like the lone voice crying in the wilderness here.
    I’ll provide one example for the Uber Skeptics to thumbs down. A guy named Rupert Sheldrake tested the hypothesis that you know who is calling on the telephone before you answer. He ran many tests under controlled conditions and found people guess correct about 40% of the time. Since the test subjects had previously named four possible callers, random chance would dictate a success rate of 25%. Since the total test subject pool was so large, the odds of being right 40% of the time was something like 1 in a billion.
    Yes, psychic powers do exists, people really do have a feeling about who is calling. It’s been proven in a controlled experiment. And there are many other examples out there if you care to look. give me all the thumbs down you want, it won’t change that particular truth.
    Edit: Pathetic are we? I’ll tell you what is pathetic, algol. Pathetic is criticizing a study without even reading it. Pathetic is not understanding exactly what you are critizing. Pathetic is trying to say a study is wrong because you disagree with the result. The existence of telepathy goes against your world view, therefore it cannot exist. That’s about the size of it, isn’t it al?
    For those of your with a mind even slightly open, I linked to the study so you can read and decide for yourself if the methodology is sound. There were four trials, 63 participants, and 231 correct guesses out of 571 attempts. The researchers found if the callers were people close to you, the success rate went up to 50%. A fifth trial was run in which the test subjects made 133 guesses out of 292 trials, a success rate of 45%. The odds of these successes being a coincidence in such a large sampling is extremely small, greater than 1 in on billion as I said. Of course understanding why would take at least a rudimentary grasp of statistics, algol.

  9. Oh, sure I believe in them very much. I just wish I had these powers. I do have just a light touch of ESP but it is not enough.

  10. ..one day when I was younger, I called a radio station in New Orleans and was lucky enough to talk to a guest psychic. I don’t remember the question I asked exactly, but what stands out to me to this day is I remember the pyschic new that in my hand was something like a peice of ice, he asked me was I holding a peice of ice, it freaked me out b/c I was holding a chunk of clear chrystal. When ever it crosses my mind it becomes apparent that I should have remembered my question and the answer he gave…

  11. After more than a century of continued research into ESP, psychic ability, etc, we have no REAL evidence for such “powers”. Please don’t fall victim to the charlatans that claim to be psychic! All they want is your money, and they will tell you exactly what you want to hear to get it!
    The evidence for psychic ability that Wilds_of_Virginia offers is truly pathetic. Sheldrake asked the people in his study to provide names and phone numbers of four (4) relatives or friends (only four?). These relatives or friends were then called at random and asked to ring the subjects. Now what kind of control is that? The odds were drastically narrowed and the subjects had an idea of who may call them, so that a correct guess could be made! The “thousand-billion to one” odds is way over-blown! The methodology of the study was substandard as seems to be the case with much of Sheldrake’s “research”.
    EDIT: First of all Wilds, I did not say that YOU are pathetic, I said your EVIDENCE for psychic ability is pathetic. I did read the study, you say that the odds are one in a billion, when Sheldrake claims one in a thousand billion (same as one in one trillion!), so I must ask, did YOU read the links YOU provided, and for that matter, my original criticisms?
    My world view isn’t formed by what I think reality should be, but rather by repetition of confirming experience. One set of experiments which rely on dubious methodology, zero double-blinding, and questionable statistical analysis is not quite enough to convince me of psychic ability. Of course, Rupert Sheldrake is regarded by many in the scientific community to be a quack, so his lack of controls on a research project of this nature (considering his “belief” bias) naturally would persuade him to skew the results to a favorable end.
    Additionally, why is it that the results were not more like 100%? You’d think that if there were anything to this, that the results would be astounding.

  12. Some viewpoints (I’ll give mine later) include http://www.towardthelight.org/neardeathstudies/suchapter.html
    and books: “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet,
    “Ethical ESP” and “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton,
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov,
    “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock,
    “PK Man,” Mishlove,
    “Life before Life,” Jim Tucker.
    My opinion: even as many species have extra-sensory perception (ESP), and humans have experienced God and Saints’ healings, there is likely some ESP or psi in everyone. Those who deny it tend to be less feeling or emotionally connected, according to studies.

  13. hmmm. in my opinion, psychic powers are not real. ive met so many supposed psychics and they were all false. i am a demonologist and i have a team. i was thinking of adding a “psychic” to my team so i put out a paper and got lots of hits for it. i wanted to be sure they were not fake so i put them on a test investigation. every single person failed it so i stopped looking for one. i used to be a skeptic but now im leaning more towards that they are fake. ive been disappointed by too many people to believe they are real.

  14. Yes, of course I do. I have seen too much not to believe. I have seen visions and dream dreams which have come true.


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