Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in consciousness after death?

Do you believe in consciousness after death?

Do you believe the mind lives on after the body dies?


  1. It’s the believing that matters.
    I refuse to argue with anyone about the “facts” of God of any kind or an afterlife of any kind.
    Belief is purely subjective. A quote from the world of politics fits here for me…
    “To my enemies, no proof is good enough, to my friends no proof is required.”
    Having said all that, if you believe then I am sure that you will live on in some form.
    Personally, I’m happy to be here and alive. But when my time here ends I’ll be happy drifting though the cosmos without my body to slow me down.

  2. I don’t know about the mind…but probably consciousness lives on.
    consciousness is not the mind, by the way. the mind is just something that is available to consciousness, if it so chooses. the mind can exist without consciousness, also, and for most people, it does. Very few people that you meet are conscious.

  3. The soul is the principle subject of human consciousness and freedom and does not die with the body from which it is separated by death.


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